I don’t know if there is some kind of energy wave hitting us or what, but the last couple of days have been brutal for me! Wow, am I tired! My sinuses are bothering me too…or rather, my eyes are so itchy and watery that I can’t see properly. Makes reading and writing tough…I just want to keep my eyes closed. It’s not the same as the tired feeling though…that’s a heaviness in my chest kind of dogged tiredness. If I’m going through some kind of DNA transformation or something, well…it’s exhausting! If it’s not, then I don’t know what’s wrong with me! bleah

I know I don’t have a virus or infection though…my mucous is clear. Green means infection and yellow means viral. No, my mucous is clear and free flowing. I think it’s the watering eyes that’s causing the post-nasal drip though…and nausea is a factor too. And today, the headache is bad! Or rather, tension in my head and neck and shoulders. Why am I so tense??? I did have some yucky dreams…Schrodinger’s Other Cat admins have said that the negative entities are all gone…they were claiming perhaps the Event had happened!

Folks, something has happened. We’re not sure if what just happened was The Event, or one of them, but after tremendous energies last night @ 8:15 pm PDT (even the M’s were nauseous)… the dark beings/entities plaguing the earth are ALL GONE.

Completely. POOF.

Even the dark being that was in the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy is gone. And all neutrals who were leaning-dark or working with the dark are also gone.

Nope…I think it was just their Big Bad entity thingie that was dispersed. I’m still having problems with negative entities. bleah As a matter of fact, that very night I was psychically attacked by something that tried to attach to my back. What is with this attaching to my back thing??? (see my other posts here and here  and here). It’s really creepy to feel something attaching to your back. I don’t like not seeing and being able to confront my attacker. Something else that I noticed a correlation with in that last post…the computer crashing. It crashed twice today too…complete with a blue screen of death! sigh. Either my energy is off, or there’s some kind of really negative energy swirling around my place! I’m playing a negativity clearing mantra video right now. I’m getting out the sage too…

Addendum: well, my eyes are feeling better now that I've smudged with the sage...hmmm, what does that mean???

Schrodinger’s Other Cat is mistaken about all the negative entities being gone. sigh. I did want to believe though…I think that was why I was attacked that night. Like…nope, we’re still here! bleah. Their post was on the second, and I’ve been feeling off all week. Wait! Does this make me a negative entity?!?!? LOL Maybe that’s only a tongue in cheek observation…. 😦

Well, I can’t seem to find anything to help with why negative entities would try to attach to my back…I guess it’s probably just to up the ick factor. I don’t think it succeeded…I right away threw white light at it and shielded myself off. But what’s with the damn headache and the computer problems??? I will be so glad when the Event does happen!!!