I have been very intensely focused on learning the tarot, and have watched a ton of instructional videos in the last week or so. Hence the reason for not blogging so much these days! I’ve gone days without even realizing I wasn’t posting! But my brain is tired now…trying to memorize 78 cards, AND connecting to them intuitively, is a LOT of work! Wow…the last couple of days I have been so very tired! I think it’s the solar activity too…Earth facing coronal hole solar winds and CMEs…bleah. I also was just reading about a “Cosmic Stargate” that supposedly opened up on the 13th…see this article “Gateway Preparation: July 13 -17“. According to this Sandra Walter:

You may have noticed the timeline shifts as this approached; the time-standing-still sensation which occurred in several moments yesterday. Also note the clarity of the SUN has brightened again; let this be reflected in your own heart.

Ummm, no not really…I was so damn exhausted that I took a 3 hour nap yesterday! I even went to bed at 8:30 pm because I just couldn’t function, and didn’t know what to do with myself! Although…that passage was for the 13th, and yesterday was the 15th. But I had been getting progressively more exhausted since the 13th to be honest. Maybe it’s more than the learning of the tarot? Interesting that I came across this article when I wasn’t even looking for it! Hmmm…synchronicity?

She claims also:

We are connecting with the Cosmic Stargates today through Monday (July 13-17), with an upcoming collective trigger on July 23.

Yikes…something coming up next Sunday?? I dunno, but I seem sensitive to these damn events, even when I know nothing about them! I suspect it’s my Higher Self participating and doing the work…poor little Laura here is just going along for the ride! sigh. Maybe I need to talk to my Higher Self about not being so gung-ho or something. bleah. Although…we both know that we want to get on with the whole Ascension thing, fuck the consequences! Okay…I better stop bitching. sigh.

During this morning’s Gatework a palpable shift was made; I also received a nudge to encourage more Lightworkers to get involved in the preparations for August.

I think perhaps I have been involved in such Lightwork preparations; I suspect that a lot of the Lightwork that I do is on a supra-conscious level ie. soul level. My physical shell isn’t as effective, I don’t think. I’m doing my prayer beads/mantra work at night before going to sleep, which is really helping my insomnia. I fall right to sleep and am sleeping pretty well through the night since I started this practice. I have 3 prayer beads that I go through each night while laying in bed, and say my 3 main mantras…the Om Mani Padme Hum one, the Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha one, and the Ho’oponopono one. I really feel these mantras are working on some kind of subconscious level. I’m not really remembering my dreams during the night, only the hypnagogic ones that I have while I’m floating in and out after awakening around 5 or 6 am. Lots of those dreams are tarot dreams actually…but I’m only half awake, and it’s obvious what is uppermost in my mind at the moment. LOL

Working on the tarot is actually a lesson on fine tuning one’s intuition, which is third eye work. Connecting to the collective unconscious too…all those archetypes of the Major Arcana, and even the other cards. No wonder I’m tired! LOL Lots of higher consciousness stuff going on for me. But…my eyes are bothering me terribly! Last week was beautiful…not too hot or humid, and getting down into the lower 60s and even 59F! So I had my windows open at night to let in that wonderfully cool air…I was getting such nice breezes! Then my allergies started up. sigh. The stuffiness I can handle, but then my eyes started with the burning, itching, watering shit. I have spent the last few days trying to get that under control! The windows are closed and I have the air conditioner on now. It’s still rather nice outside, but looking at the allergy report, I realize that the true grasses, plantain, and misc. weeds are moderate right now. And…I’m allergic to grass…and I’m in a basement apartment with windows at ground level…and guess what’s right outside my window??? Yup…lots of grass! bleah.

Still, I have watched a lot of tarot training videos, and made lots of notes in my Tarot journal…which probably didn’t help my eyes much. What’s cause and what’s effect here? All I know is my eyes are bothering me, I’m so very tired, there’s solar effects going on, and now this damn cosmic gateway thingie? Maybe I’ll go back to bed, again. I’ve already gone back to bed once this morning! LOL The timelines can shift and the Gateway can open…without me!