Just a little note, more to myself, that I am coming along nicely in my study of tarot. I now have most of the Major Arcana and the Court cards down pat. That’s about half the deck…22 Major Arcana and 16 Court cards out of the 78 cards total. So I think I’m doing pretty good! 😀

Learning about the Fool’s Journey was really helpful for learning the Major Arcana, which are your main archetypal cards. There’s some differences between my 2 decks in the imagery though, so this is where the intuition kicks in, and where I am having troubles in reconciling the 2 meanings. The “standard” meanings inherent in the Rider-Waite deck I guess need to be memorized first, then I can “get creative” with the meanings in my Pagan Cats deck. However, in some ways, this means double the meanings to remember! bleah. I can see why most people start with the Rider-Waite deck before branching out to all those other beautiful decks!

So…I decided to do something about my mother’s Rider-Waite deck. I have cleansed it 3 times, 3 different ways, trying to “bond” with the deck, but it always still “felt” like my mother. It was her deck, and I just couldn’t seem to get a feeling for the deck. Then I read about deck modifications…heh heh heh. My sister is horrified. LMAO I removed the white border to make it smaller, and I used a black Sharpie to color the edges…now it looks like a whole new deck! And I seem to have broken my mother’s “hold” on it…it no longer “feels” like my mother! I am finding it easier to bond with the deck now. And I think it looks perfectly fine…I will have to show my sister the deck so she is reassured. She seems to think you shouldn’t be messing with a deck…and I asked why not? Lots of people cut off the white borders on decks…they would rather have the whole picture to look at, without the distraction of the borders. You can get right into the imagery that way, which is helpful for the intuition to focus on.

Here’s a great video discussing this whole idea, and she has made some great modifications to some of her decks. I think she has just improved the decks IMO. It really gave me the impetus to modify my mother’s old deck.

I’m really loving those gold edged ones…and that black and orange deck is very cool! Even more cool…I love all the fancy decks there are out there! Wow…so many people seem to have multiple decks, and I mean like dozens! I think they can be addictive, so I better be careful! LOL I’m having enough trouble learning the 2 decks, never mind adding in more! Most of these people admit they only have a couple of decks they actually use consistently…which makes the others superfluous if you ask me. I certainly can’t afford to indulge in most of these decks…some are over a hundred bucks! Mind you, they also come with their own hard backed novels of interpretations…which I’m not sure I want or need. It also seems to take up a lot of room to store these card decks and their books, which is not something I have a lot of room for.

But…I have decided I want one more deck, and it’s not the Mystical Cats deck after all. I feel I need another Rider-Waite deck if I decide to do readings for others. And the Illuminati Deck is just gorgeous! It’s essentially a much more ornate and modern looking Rider-Waite. Here’s the High Priestess card…ohmigod, it’s so beautiful!


Compared and contrasted to the Rider Waite High Priestess:



And the backings are beautiful too…I think they are much more impressive to pull out for a reading for others. They also have gilded edges…so elegant!


Only bad thing about it is that they are already borderless, so they can’t be made smaller. And I find that the standard size tarot decks are just too big for my tiny little hands. sigh. I cannot shuffle them worth beans…they fall all over the place! bleah. Although, when reading for others, it’s best to let them do the shuffling…so maybe I can get away with it. It’s a lovely deck though. I mean, compare the back to the standard Rider-Waite deck…no comparison! I do so think that presentation is a big part of the game…people are more impressed with the fancy stuff!


And then there’s the backs to the Apokalypsis deck…sigh


Uh oh…I think I’m being pulled into the addiction! LOL