Well, color me pissed! WTH?!?!? I went to make a purchase this morning only to be told that my debit card was not attached to the savings account I was trying to access. I have both a chequing and a savings account, and I don’t keep money in my chequing any longer because it’s a joint account with my mother and we had a little incident where money was transferred from my chequing to her line of credit a little while back. You see, that chequing account of mine is over 43 years old…I opened it when I was 11 years old and had a paper route. Being a minor, I had to have parental consent, so my mother was on my account. I have kept this account all these years because it has a $50 overdraft protection on it. They no longer offer overdraft protection, and I have been living below the poverty level for most of this century, so it was nice having that little cushion.

Well, all that changed today, thanks to the stupid branch manager at the Bank of Montreal. Sheesh…I have been getting more and more dissatisfied with the Bank of Montreal, but this gives me the impetus to get rid of them! My mother had gone to the bank this morning with my sister Barb, and the bank manager suggested she close off these “little joint accounts”. My sister assured my mother that I had my own accounts. WTH?!?!? It turns out my savings account was also joint with my mother, which I did not realize. My chequing account was 45 dollars in overdraft, and I had less than a hundred dollars in my savings. I don’t know where the bank manager gets off recommending closing an active account, but I suspect it’s because of the overdraft protection feature. I am pissed!!!

When I went to the bank to see why I couldn’t access my account at the store, I was told that my accounts had been closed. While the teller was trying to figure out why it was closed, the branch manager came out to explain that she had waited on my mother and had recommended closing the joint accounts. Without my permission?!?!? These are MY bank accounts! And…I cannot open them back up either. I have to get all new accounts. Does this sound right to anyone??? I had tried to get my mother’s name off my account before, and was told there was no way to do so; I had to close off the account. I really think they were trying to get rid of my old account that had the no longer available overdraft protection. WTF?!?! It was only 50 bucks! It was paid off at the beginning of each month when my cheque came in. It was no skin off their noses IMO.

I’m also pissed at the bank manager because she was totally unsympathetic, unconcerned and unhelpful. No remorse for suddenly cutting me off from any banking privileges and shuttling all my money over to my mother’s account. Leaving me with no bank account and no money. Bitch. Being an empath, I can tell you she was a bitch about it all. She had no sympathy, no remorse, no compassion for my plight. Well…I’m not dealing with goddamn Bank of Montreal any longer! And that branch manager can go to hell! I have an appointment to open an account at another bank which is actually closer to me now. So…she just lost her bank a customer! Granted, I’m not a big ticket account, but I have been a very long-term, loyal customer. Does this not count for anything???? I guess not. The accounts were opened in Windsor, and I now live in little Tilbury, where there are only 3 banks. So I will not be dealing with this branch, or bank, any longer. Too bad, the tellers were rather nice. I’m sure the tellers at the new bank will be too though.

Just had to vent…what an unpleasant surprise to have today! I visited my mother to get my money back from her, and she gave me $40 instead of the $31 she owed me, but I’m not gonna quibble. I need all the help I can get, since in a way I lost the 45 dollars overdraft, which was in my savings. bleah. Ah well…I have to assume that the universe is setting my financial affairs to a better system, since I have been wanting to switch for a couple of years now. Nothing like kicking me in the butt to force the issue eh??? LOL Still, it’s shocking to think that I could lose all my money and my bank account so easily! I had absolutely no say, and no recourse. That is so not right! bleah.