Well, I got a new bank account today, at a new bank. After 43 years with the same bank, it was…interesting to sit in the bank advisor’s office and set up a new account. He was very kind and didn’t make me feel insignificant for being on socially assisted disability and living considerably below the poverty level. He actually spent an hour talking with me and setting things up. I really appreciated that!

I got to thinking about this move to a new bank…I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work on my abundance issues, and making some great breakthroughs. I’m thinking this sudden switch in my financial institutions is part of that. It was my Inner Child that noted that the Royal Bank was a better bank to deal with. It has a much better sense of imagery to it…a royal bank! 😀 I think that is what led to my dream this morning…it was a dream about a tarot spread with only 2 cards…the Star and the Queen. Although it didn’t have a suit attached to the Queen, so she was more like the Empress  card. Both cards were very simple though, and most importantly, they were very sparkly. The very lines in the drawings sparkled! It was a lovely dream actually. LOL I was writing down the interpretation to the cards too in the dream, but I cannot remember my interpretations once I was awake. I immediately went to my tarot journal to write it down though, but the interpretations were lost to me. I assumed that meant I need to look them up.

Well, The Star I don’t feel very strongly about yet, but I do get the overall impression it is one of positive things coming in. Water is emotion, so the woman pouring water both in the water and on the ground seems to suggest emotional largesse both physically and emotionally. Looking it up online, I have this site that I really like the meanings she espouses and agree with intuitively. So, I got this meaning that hit the nail on the head from her:

The Star Tarot card holds that same twinkly hope and promise we see when we look up at the stars in the night sky. Everything about the card suggests serenity, assurance, and hope. It is a message for us to take heart, be at peace and know that all is well.

Ah…twinkly no less! LOL

When the Star appears in a reading it indicates that the querent may have been through a rough time and is now entering a time of rejuvenation…

Also, if the querent has been worried about a situation, this card indicates that he/she is on the right path, and that all things will work out to a happy end. The Star Tarot card meanings are all about the promise of a better day.

Oh yes, a very positive card! It seemed to say that the day would go well. I had worried that maybe they wouldn’t want me as a customer, since my financial affairs are so piddly. I am so glad that it didn’t work out that way!

I actually didn’t look up the Queen card, but thinking on it, I was reminded of a fave quote of mine, summed up in this meme:


Yup…it seemed very much to be an affirmation that I was strong and could handle anything thrown at me. That’s why the sparkly queen had no suit attached to it…it was just a generic queen that we were talking about here. I didn’t bother looking up the Empress, because I already knew she represented motherhood more than anything else. Not the energy I got from the dream.

That Tarot Teachings site had a good interpretation on the Queens though:

Tarot meaning of Queens are similar to King meanings. Queens are just as commanding, authoritative and strikingly intense in their ruling authority as Kings.

However, there is one massive departure in queen persona: She is feminine, and therefore subtle in her reign.

To be sure, the Queen is very much in control. She is the matriarch and it is her way or the highway.

Yeah, I can get on board with this definition of a queen. 😉 And it fits with the imagery from my dream. So I think the dream was reassuring me that yes, I am strong, in control, and have this shit handled! LOL

Still…I’m relieved that the interview with the bank guy went so well though! And now I have my new accounts with the Royal bank. Hope that’s a portend of better financial things coming my way! 🙂