Well…this is an interesting development. Does it make me a bad person to not feel bad about this??? I’m sorry, but he’s an evil man, 80 years old, who’s been doing bad things for decades! He’s not just a warmonger, but I believe he’s a pedophile and one of the elites involved in human trafficking. The world would be a better place without him. How evil does it make me to secretly hope he suffers through chemotherapy and other useless medical cancer treatments? I’m sure he couldn’t possibly suffer as much as others he has harmed. I don’t delight in the fact that he will probably suffer, but my heart isn’t in it to feel sorry for him either. It feels like karma to me! And justice.

I know we should be forgiving and all that, but there are truly evil people who delight in harming others who I don’t think deserve our best wishes or support. I am valiantly trying to take the high ground and pray that he gets what he deserves here…and if that’s a quick death, then so be it. I doubt it though. It really seems that the Cabal are really falling apart these days…they cannot handle the higher frequencies, and they are deteriorating both mentally and physically. And I say oh well.

Why is my heart gladdened that Trump just pissed him off by removing the funding for his little Syrian rebel training program? Oh well…too bad McCain! Sorry about your luck there! Looks good on you that your toys are being defunded! Like this article states:

 We don’t wish ill health or death upon anyone but John McCain is one of the biggest warmongering neocons around and would not blink to call for war that would see millions of innocent people killed. Hopefully McCain realises the error of his ways in his final days on earth.

I had to laugh…I am feeling that great big BUT too! LOL Oh dear…I will surely rot in hell for that. sigh. But I am so sick of seeing these evil people prosper and have the power to inflict so much harm, all while not suffering any ill effects! It isn’t right! I really feel like the Universe is correcting this now. Yes…it’s karma happening this lifetime, rather than a future one. He’s reaping what’s he’s sown. It’s only fair IMO.

It’s my satisfaction at his misfortune that worries me. I guess I better do some major praying on this! Maybe some shadow work. Or check to see if I have some implants that have kicked in to make me a negative sort and delay ascension some more. bleah Somehow, I really can’t feel sorry for him. I don’t really wish him harm though, I just don’t feel bad that he’s probably going to suffer with this aggressive cancer. I’m laughing because I suspect that a lot of other people feel the same way, but don’t want to admit it. I know Jordan Sather just reported on this too, and he was very…careful?…about being neutral on the subject. Well, I’m not afraid to say that I don’t feel sorry for him, although I am worried that it’s the wrong attitude to have. But…that’s how I feel. Bad things should happen to bad people…willfully bad people. It is not right to willfully harm others…and those that gleefully do so do not deserve my compassion IMO.

Okay…maybe the archons have him mind-controlled. Probably. bleah. But there still seems to me to be some level where your soul kicks in and has a problem with doing bad things to innocent people, like children and the victims of war. That Dutch banker is the perfect example here. I can feel sorry for him, although he was a bad person for many years while he clawed his way to the top. But there came a point when his soul asserted itself and he said “no more”. He became a whistleblower, even though he must realize his life is forfeit now. I pray that he doesn’t wind up dead! I can find compassion for him…why not McCain? It just feels so much more willful on McCain’s part…like he’s happy to do these bad things! There’s no remorse, no soul angst over what he’s been asked to do. That makes him much harder to forgive in my book. Actually, I don’t know if I know how to do that. sigh.

Okay…keep thinking how he’s a victim of Archon control….it’s not his fault. Right? Right. Right. big sigh

Addendum: Well, I did some shadow work this morning with my other hand, and came to realize that McCain represents some karmic issues I have with corrupt government officials who abuse their power and harm people. Goes back to at least 3 other lifetimes, so I am now working on healing that issue. Isn't shadow work fun??? bleah Well, my soul should be in better shape after this is done! I seem to be working on a lot of karmic issues the last few months. Is Ascension around the corner??? :)