A little while ago, I was picking up my regular wand off my altar, and it caught on the textured altar cloth and caused my lovely selenite wand to fall off the altar and shatter its tip on the wooden floor. I am heartbroken, and have been trying to figure out a way to make it beautiful again. There are some really cool ideas combining crystals with polymer clay, and I am thinking of doing something like this to honor my beautiful crystal. It’s strange, but it’s just the tip that shattered…the pointed edge. So it can’t be used as a wand any longer. 😦 But I am thinking of doing something like this with it:


or maybe this:


Although of course, mine would have the rounded edge instead of a pointed edge. But aren’t these a cool idea for using broken crystals???

I guess it’s not surprising that I came across this article “What Does a Broken Crystal Mean?” today, after spending last night looking at all these clay options of incorporating crystals into the design. This guy says that crystals are fragile and not to jump to any conclusions about what it means. But this was a 6 inch wand, and only the very tip shattered? Not broke off…shattered into many pieces! Seems weird to me! I think there’s significance there…I had been using it as a wand to cast circles of protection and work on my kitties. I have not been cleaning or clearing it, since they are not supposed to need it. Well, I’m thinking I should have anyway! sigh Anyway, I can no longer use it to point energy anywhere. I need to find a new use for it.

But the author does make some valid points: he mentions that crystals and stones can have internal fractures and natural flaws that contribute to breaking if stressed by falling or being banged. He does make two interesting points here though:

If the broken crystal is a protective stone such as Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli or Smoky Quartz for example, it may have just saved you from some harmful negative energy. There is no need to worry, just be grateful.

The other way you can look at this is to understand that the crystal wished to become more than one crystal. As long as the crystal is not shattered you may be able to rescue the broken crystal parts and find them a new home? You could keep one piece and give away the others freely.

It is interesting to think that they may have given their life for you. I have heard this one before, but this doesn’t explain my selenite, which is not a protective stone, just a high energy, white light stone. Or some of my other stones that have broken into many pieces. A lot of times, the other pieces are not suitable to be given away…they are obviously broken and/or too small. sigh.

What was even more interesting about this article was the comments that it garnered. He invited people to write in what they did with broken crystals, and there were some really good ideas! Several commented that they placed their broken crystals inside a crystal skull that they have. I guess it looks really cool. Wow…I like this idea! I need a crystal skull! LOL I have researched crystal skulls before, and will do a post here. I am thinking that I would really like to get one. Here’s yet another use for them!

Another woman said she makes fairy islands and puts her stones in there. this is a good idea, especially if you use natural elements in it to give the stones a “rest”.


This is a really pretty idea too! Although the broken crystals wouldn’t look as nice in this configuration, but she went on to say this:

I make “faerie islands” and most of my crystals like to be placed in the landscape. And a lot of them like to be semi hidden so the viewer can discover them for themselves.

Okay…that works well with the broken pieces. You could hide the broken ends in the dirt or moss or whatever so they aren’t noticeable. Another woman had a couple of stones that broke and decided to use the pieces to make wands for herself, and her daughter and sister. This is a cool idea too. Now the one below is a very elaborate wand, but it showcases the idea of using pieces…


Isn’t that a really lovely wand? That’s more elaborate than I’m capable of I think though! LOL I don’t know about the silversmithing aspect, although I can see trying it with the polymer clay maybe. 🙂

Yet another woman said she puts the little broken pieces in her bath oil, so it infuses it with the properties. This is a really great idea for using those broken pieces! Who wants to hide away a lovely stone inside a bottle or container? I’m thinking this would also be apropos to add to a mojo bag or witches ball.

I also remember reading many years ago about placing the two ends of a crystal that broke in half on opposite sides of the room, creating an energy portal between the two pieces. Interesting concept to be honest, and I did it with my smokey quartz crystal piece that broke in half, but now that I’ve moved, I can’t find the other half. 😦 So I am using the remaining half with my tarot deck.

Well…it’s amazing that there are actually a lot of ways to use broken crystals! 🙂