This is actually a post in my Book of Shadows in the Crystals section, but since I discussed them in my last post, I thought I’d write up a post of what I discovered about crystal skulls. I had never had an interest in crystal skulls; I mean, I was fascinated by the large, full-sized ones that were carved a long time ago, but you can get these little ones in various stone materials, and they have never really interested me. Well, looking it up and finding a great article on it, which I can’t find now of course, I have reconsidered my lack of interest in them.

Occult Codex

Carving a stone or crystal changes the energy of it; faceting gemstones allows it to emit more light and energy. Ideally, carving a stone or crystal will enhance its natural beauty, but wise carvers also amplify the parts they can to increase the stone’s energy. Carvers usually feel guided to use one shape over another, and it is said that the spirit of the stone decides which form it wants. 

There are many different types of skull shapes, from highly realistic to highly abstract, to stylized ET types. They each have their own energy though. The ET ones are said to be influenced by the extraterrestrials who are here to help humanity. 


This is a Mayan skull…I think it’s an ET one too. If not, it’s highly stylized!


It is suggested that there is a spirit attached to the skulls, especially the ancient large ones. The type of stone/crystal used aids the type of communication with said spirit. Crystal skulls hold energy and information and then transmits and shares this energy with other skulls. There is an interesting phenomenon that seems to happen when you have a grouping of skulls – they create a stronger combined resonance. You can combine them in a grid for stronger overall results. Use a larger skull in the center as the focus, and arrange smaller ones around it. This is one of the most effective ways to use crystal skulls.

You could always meditate with the stone skull, and great results can be had by placing larger ones on your navel chakra, look deeply into its eyes, then close your eyes to feel the energy move up from the navel chakra to your crown. You could also try scrying with your skull too. Some claim they emit psychic energy, auras and even sounds. These stories are rampant with the ancient crystal stones, but even the newer ones can have these effects when properly activated. 

Activating your crystal skull will enhance and amplify its energy. The process of carving, especially the eyes, begins to awaken the consciousness in the stone; I believe this is the deva consciousness/nature spirit of the stone/crystal. Crystal skull activation awakens and optimizes your skull. There are several ways to do this:

  • place with an old/ancient skull if you have access to one…it’s ancient energy will activate the new one. 
  • place on top of an image of ancient skulls that you have charged by staring at and connecting to the one in the photo
  • can use meditation and a ritual to charge and consecrate your stone skull
  • can use essential oils, and you can even buy one that is called Crystal Skull Essence.
  • can activate with light and/or sound. Use a high quality light box and singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas (cymbals), tuning forks and chants. 

I watched a video where one woman told of her own experiences with her stone skull. She claims it works with the mind – your thought processes and belief structures. It is great for releasing destructive thought processes you are finally ready to release. It is also helpful for anything dealing with the head – healing eyes, ears, nose, mouth, brain, etc. It can help you with the clair abilities like clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairgustance (psychic tasting) and clairscent (psychic smelling). 

Yeah, these sound fascinating and I’ve decided I want some. Doing up a grid like in the header is really appealing to me. But I’d want them in different stones/crystals. I don’t know about the ET ones…especially the elongated head type. I think that perhaps one needs to be cautious with working with them though…I think these are no different than any other divination type of tool. I see them as analogous to a ouija board…you are specifically calling in a spirit. In my opinion, pendulums and tarot cards aren’t quite the same thing, especially if you are careful to protect yourself and are looking to just enhance your own intuition using your Higher Self, which is what I am doing.

I’m probably over-paranoid, but I think in this time of higher frequencies and Ascension around the corner, that the Dark is trying harder to squash the Light, and I think there is a lot more cases of the False Light coming through instead of the real thing. Not just negative ETs trying to deceive us, but also neutral beings who have their own agendas, like the archangels. So I don’t choose to deal with spirits when doing divination, although Chango has offered to help. He was known for divination when he was alive, but I have explained to him that I’d rather do it myself.

My spirit guides are a different thing…I only call them in when I have shielded myself, and of course I have already vetted them. If they can enter the Light in the pyramid shield I construct, then they are okay to deal with IMO. But I want to develop my own intuition, and I know that my Higher Self can access the Akashic records to get information as easily as my spirit guides. I believe it is very disempowering to depend on spirits for information. And you just can’t trust who that spirit is…too much False Light out there these days! 😦 Trying to hijack our awakenings and ascension…bleah. Okay…I’m rambling now! LOL

My point here is that crystal skulls are representative of a person, and an entity is likely going to try to come through one. I think one needs to be careful when dealing with them, and activate them to a specific purpose, like healing. There’s a good video here where she discusses some history of the crystal skulls, and outlines her usage of her own. That second quartz crystal one is especially interesting…amazing how much light it holds! Yes…I find myself fascinated.