I’m hearing a lot about the upcoming total eclipse that is coming up. Cobra and the Prepare for Change people are doing a massive in-person meditation in the path of totality

Well, I just found a channeled message from someone named Kejraj (kayry) who discusses this upcoming eclipse as a “tsunami of light”. Now, I generally don’t trust channeled messages, but this one really resonated with me. I don’t know who this Kejraj is, but the message seemed filled with Light to me. The message can be found here “PREPARE TO RIDE THE TSUNAMI OF LIGHT” and has some very uplifting intel that I know I needed to hear. I’m inclined to believe he isn’t a member of the False Light because his opening greeting seems really sincere and non-grandiose…no fake claims of being something exalted and no condescension in the wording.

Greetings, as always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.(KayRy)

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

For me, the term “Light and Love” is very central to my idea of Source; I see Light and Love as an integral part of Source. As an empath, that FEEL is important too. So this is hitting all the right buttons for me, which tells me that the message is truth for me.

Okay, enough vetting here. LOL On to the message: he claims that the ascension process started in the 1940s, and slowly gained momentum so that no more world wars would occur, despite Illuminati machinations. He claims

The barrier somewhat broke, higher light begun entering earth in 1987 with the Galactic/Harmonic Convergence.

Oh yes! I remember the Harmonic Convergence! Yes, things definitely changed in 1987, and strangely, I just read a comment that it is the 30th anniversary of the Convergence on August 16th-17th. Huh…I’m going to commemorate that, because I personally feel it was a very momentous event. The main thing I noticed was that before this event, I would talk about reincarnation, karma, chakras, etc, and people either flat out said they didn’t believe in it, or they politely listened with glazed over eyes. No comprehension. sigh. After the Convergence, suddenly people were much more open to these topics, and I was getting a lot more “well, I don’t really believe, but tell me more” kind of responses. I saw a huge shift in perception amongst people, and suddenly, there were angels everywhere! Books on angels, shows on angels, angel jewellry, it seemed everywhere I turned I saw angels. Yup, people’s perspectives had changed! It was most gratifying for this lightworker! 😀

We arrive to 2012. Many more major gates and barriers were brought down, this time much greater and more intense waves of light entering Earth from the Galactic Center via our Sol star.

I like that he references the Sun as Sol…I know this is the name of our sun’s soul. Again, another point in favor of this being Truth. Personally however, I have always maintained that we should have had ascension in 2012, and I am disgusted that it didn’t happen then. I believe it was supposed to, but the damn ickyons and Illuminati are doing their damnedest to prevent it! 😦 But I do know that more and more Light is coming in, and has been for a while. I can feel it. It’s changed a lot of us who are the front runners, but I’m still not seeing that much awakening in the general populace. Maybe it’s where I’m living, but damn! The people in my small town are pretty damn asleep still! sigh. Even my sister, who is aware although not really awake, is always hushing me when I talk about this stuff in the store when we’re up front and there are customers in the store. She says they won’t understand and she’s embarrassed. sigh. She also says people will think I’m weird. Which just tells me that she does too. double sigh. Nope, they aren’t there yet. But…at least I don’t believe anyone’s going to burn me at the stake either! LOL

But…there’s more light coming to help!

On the July 9th Full Moon the light quotient once again increased and will continue to do so without slowing down, all the way to the great and so unique Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

We say to you now prepare to ride the tsunami of light. For once again the light is about to increase, only this time it will be threefold, continuing all the way to the Autumn Solstice. It will be felt by all, it will cleanse all. It is entirely up to each individual how they choose to experience this energy.

My sister is scared of the whole Solar Flash idea, and she is worried that ascension will mean either death or she will move up and leave her children behind (unfortunately, I do think this is going to happen…my nieces are very lower vibrational people, negative to a very bad degree). So, she doesn’t want to go through it. bleah. I  can’t seem to get her at least to get on board with intending for ascension to happen now.

YOU, the Starseed/Lightworker are here to shine your light now brighter than ever before, for it is greatly needed. This is YOUR moment. Think, speak, be light/love. Breath in light, breath out love. Breath in light, breath out love.

I’m really at a loss on how to help this town out with the whole ascension process. I am trying to anchor a light point here to help, but I suspect I will only be helpful when the Event actually happens, teaching them then what is going on. I have no idea how to prepare them, and I really suspect I’m not supposed to. I guess it’s a lesson on patience…compassion maybe? Breathe in light, breathe out love. Yeah, okay, I can do that. 🙂

But back to the eclipse…I’ve been thinking it may not be so important to participate in any meditations during the eclipse, since I’m in Canada and won’t even see it. But I’ve encountered this interesting video, where a Quantum Energy healer discusses what her clients have been saying about this event. She asked one client’s Higher Self what she could do if she wasn’t in the path of totality, or if there was anything she could do, and was told this…

The entire video is very interesting, and enlightening, so it’s worth watching. I’m really beginning to think that this upcoming eclipse is much more significant than just a regular eclipse. I have already outlined some anomalies regarding this eclipse here, and since we shouldn’t be having another one so soon, it does make it seem like there’s some other metaphysical significance here. I think I will try to do the meditation recommended then. Interestingly, I am feeling called to work on my chakras, and am trying to cleanse my crown chakra right now.

I’ll have to be careful to do the “cleanse” a couple days before…maybe go on a fast and keep the computer off. I do really want to see ascension happen, so I will work on being a “clean vessel” for this event. 🙂