I recently read an interesting blog post entitled “The Gods Are Not Your Personal Biatches“, which made some very valid points about our relationships with our spirit guides.

…occasionally I run into a mindset that the deities exist only to help us. I think this mindset is borne not out of malice, but out of accident, misunderstanding, routine, oversight, or lack of deliberation. What an odd notion: the idea of the divine, the mighty and powerful, at our service twenty-four hours a day wanting nothing better than to give us everything we want and religion is just a soft-serve self-help service. Excuse me, is that human ego streaking naked and flaming in Times Square?

Oh yeah, human ego likes to streak naked and flaming in Times Square! LOL It is true that most of us don’t consider that God, the angels, other deities and spirit guides are people too, in a sense. They are souls like we are…well, maybe not God, which is the Source which we all come from. Actually, it is this belief of mine, that we are all sparks of Source Energy, that makes me come at the whole spirit guide thing from the aspect of friendship instead of a peon/deity perspective. I have to agree with her here:

engaging in rites and prayers just for our own well-being without taking responsibility and without a sense of honor toward the divine–is backwards. This sort of practice elevates us as false gods and denigrates the deities to our personal servants. In an age of “what’s in it for me” it’s ever more important to realize that the world does not revolve around us and the gods are not our personal biatches.

I think everyone tends to fall into that egocentric mindset when dealing with the numinous though…I think since, in many cases, people don’t actually connect to the real “person” or soul aspect, they really only think of the gods and angels and all of divinity as just an aspect of themselves. Which, in a way, is truth, if you look at it from the unity consciousness perspective. So is it really that bad to kinda take a rather self-centered approach to asking for help from divinity? I mean, I don’t really bother my guides unless I need something important. I figure they have better things to do than listen to me bitch about stuff, and ramble on about things that are really irrelevant to them and their reality.

I do talk to them periodically, like one friend to another though. Mostly this is what I do to be honest. I say hi to Oya when it’s windy, and thank her for her dragonflies and lightning bugs as prompts to tune in. Synchronicities that help me know she’s around. Chango pops in periodically to say hi too, and I always cherish his warmth and conviviality. Nothing earth-shattering, just a little hi, how are you kind of exchange. Occasionally I bother them to help with a psychic attack or something, but mostly I think they are just working in the background, helping me out at a higher level. I thank my Light Team every night though, for any and all help received during the day. I just KNOW they are working in their own ways to help when I need it. Is this a bad way to look at it????

She makes a good point here:

Magic and/or prayer cannot work well when we fail to establish, acknowledge, and cultivate a relationship with the divine. It makes no sense, and worse it can be seen as rude, to make demands of a divinity without even bothering to get to know the deity’s personality…Calling upon a deity with whom a person has no relationship is like “cold calling.”

Well, I do have to agree with this. I have made the effort to get to know my guides/deities, and feel like I do have a relationship with them. I did research them all, which in some cases actually harmed my awareness of them (Kuthumi for example). And surprisingly, I discovered that when actually dealing with them, they weren’t always like their characterizations. Chango is characterized as a war god, and his story leaves a lot to be desired to be honest. Raping a young girl, stealing his brother’s wife, abandoning Oba, etc, etc. He says he is a different person now. But I do not experience him in this way at all. To me, he is a very kind, warm energy, very happy-go-lucky, embodying a joy vibration and helping me with my joie de vivre. He says he has matured. Which makes sense.

But the way she recommends maintaining a relationship with them I have an issue with.

At least from a Canaanite point-of-view, offerings strengthen a deity’s vital essence and divine power (napshu, “soul, appetite, vitality”). These gifts serve a threefold purpose: they support the relationship between a person and a deity, they bring more strength to the deity so the deity will have more strength to help people who call her; and some gifts can help the deity bring well-being to others through your own acts of service and charity. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Offerings can include song; praise; incense; gratitude; good deeds; items given to charity; donations to a blood bank; food left out or buried as offerings; communal feasts in honor of the deities; items or money given for ritual use in a local charity or community groups; help or gifts given to mentors, clerics, or priests and priestesses for their hard work; and payment to teachers for their sweat, time, and accumulated knowledge.

Ummm…I have a real problem with the whole offerings thing. This idea of “strengthening a deity’s vital essence and divine power” doesn’t make sense to me. They do not need any kind of sustenance…they are not human. Especially food offerings and money or tokens seem like a total waste of resources. Communal feasts are a different matter; they feed the community and strengthen community bonds. Good deeds and items donated to charity in a deity’s name benefits other people, but…we should be doing those things just because they are the right thing to do, not to appease some god. I personally think that they don’t really need the songs or praise; again, they aren’t human so they don’t need the ego stroking. If they do…I dunno, maybe they’re not that divine. *shrug* Gratitude is always an appropriate response to help given though: it is common courtesy! Payment and gifts to teachers and mentors is also common courtesy, but it shouldn’t be tied to a deity IMO.

So I am in two minds about this article…she does make a very good point about not taking divinity and their help for granted, but I disagree with some of her ideas about how to cultivate a relationship with deities. I think the main problem with her perspective is that she is coming from it from the angle that the gods are above us, and better than us. Thus, we need to be way more respectful. But…I do not believe it is this way.

I think they help us willingly, because they understand the horrible hardships we are enduring in this archon controlled quarantine, where we are trapped in a horribly negative realm where we have to constantly struggle and experience some truly horrific things in many cases. They KNOW how bad it is for us down here, and are wonderfully empathetic and higher-minded souls whose compassion for us has led them to want to help us however they can, however we let them. I think they understand that there is a terrible forgetting that is inherent in the reincarnation process that we currently undergo here, and that is the reason why we often are not very good at dealing with them. I think they can see into our hearts and minds and know the truth of what we want from them, and that they are actually more in contact with our Soul than the individual spirit that is incarnated at the moment.

What makes me think this? Well, my encounter recently with Papa Legba really hit this home for me. I had dismissed this particular guide after a “prank” that pissed me off, and I personally do not want or need a trickster god in my life. Yet, he was still hanging around, and I asked him why? He told me that he had made a contract with my Higher Self to help me out, and he was trying to honor that contract. Well, I absolved him of that contract, because little me doesn’t want to deal with him. If he still wants to help out my Higher Self, well…don’t bother little ol’ me with it. I have other guides I get along with better. Deal with Lady Jenavi, not Laura. He seems to be gone. I really don’t see the benefit of having him “helping” me out with pranks and tricks. I don’t have a good enough sense of humor. I don’t like pranks and think they are mean-spirited, so I really have issues with it as a “divine” way to help someone out.

Anyway, the point is, I think spirit guides and angels made pacts with you prior to you coming back, and they’re not going to be overly offended because you’re not giving them offerings and even the proper gratitude. Although gratitude is always appropriate…in the sense of loving appreciation for help received. But I don’t think prayers are necessary even.

I had wanted to get back into saying the rosary, and reconnect with Mother Mary, but I find that my awareness now makes me really uneasy with the whole Hail Mary thing. I rediscovered the Catholic(?) Guardian Angel prayer, but I feel kinda funny saying it too. I have always just talked to my guardian angel Carolla. In some ways, the prayer seems more like a doorbell or something, saying Yoo hoo, can we talk? LOL But saying a whole rosary full of Hail Marys feels wrong now. I thought maybe it was the wording that I objected to, so I changed the wording, but it’s more than that. It doesn’t feel right to call on her repeatedly like this. And I’m really confused about who she really is, which is a whole other story!

Yet saying mantras feels okay. But I don’t see a mantra as a prayer. It is a repetitive word sequence that you meditate on and which embodies a trait or characteristic you are trying to embody. Like the Om Mani Padme Hum…the compassion mantra. Or the Ho’oponopono mantra of “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”; this always gets me thinking about what do I need forgiveness for, who needs thanking, and who needs my love. It’s not a prayer. Maybe this is a reaction to my Catholic upbringing??? There is so much wrong with Catholicism that I am just rejecting everything to do with it? I don’t know, but I’ve given up on prayers. They seem to always be asking for something, which ties back into this idea that divinity is not our “personal biatches”.

I dunno, guess I’m just rambling here. LOL But I wanted to explore this idea and make note of this article by doing a post on it. 🙂