Yesterday I was researching the Reptilian race for an entry in my Grimoire, and came across some interesting things that set off flags in my mind. My Higher Self, Ladosa Jenavi, even chimed in with some interesting intel. I had found a couple of very interesting articles online that dinged Jenavi’s radar I guess you could say. LOL

The first one was an article entitled “THESE FOUR MALEVOLENT ALIEN RACES ARE HOSTILE TO HUMANITY” and included the Annunaki, the Alpha Draconis Reptilians, Native Reptilians, and the Greys. What really dinged the radar was the idea of native reptilians.

These reptilians are believed to be indigenous to Earth and have a long recorded history of interactions both positive and adverse with humankind with a majority of our interactions being to their gain using us as some resource. They are theorized to be holding positions of power from the highest ranks of government using their human puppets to control the world from the dark. Because they are the superior species, they live deep underground in the Earth’s core while letting us humans live on the hostile planet surface.

Huh…an indigenous reptilian race on Earth. That totally makes sense to me! Hear me out on my logic. I think we can all accept the fact that dinosaurs once ruled this planet. They were the biggest and baddest thing on the face of the earth, and the main life form millions and millions of years ago. What really happened to them? Yeah, yeah, there’s that whole theory about a gigantic meteor strike eliminating them, or that they all turned into birds, but none of these seem like adequate explanations for the lack of dinosaurs today. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to have evolved into something smaller, like a reptoid species? I wouldn’t be surprised if some turned into birds, some into a reptilian humanoid species, and some into something like dragons. I think the dinosaurs evolved into other species, no doubt helped along by the early genetic farmer ETs.

I’m not convinced that evolution is real, but I do believe that there were ET races who came here eons ago and did genetic experiments on the life here on Earth. That’s who Jenavi was. But let’s face it, there are no convincing fossils explaining where humans came from. Sure, there are early examples, but I don’t buy that we evolved from apes. Maybe we had a common ancestor, but that has never been borne out. I think the ET farmers used simian DNA to create us humans, personally. But…what other creatures did they create? Wouldn’t it make sense that someone would mess with dinosaur DNA to get a humanoid type creature? After all, they were the dominant life form at one time! So I have no problem believing that we have a native reptilian species on this planet.

So I wrote up my entry in my Grimoire, and concluded with the statement that I have had issues with dragons because of their reptilian origins. I just don’t want anything to do with the Reptilians, despite my article here on being less prejudiced towards them. I just don’t feel it’s a good idea to call their attention to yourself IMO. Showing an interest in dragons seemed like raising a flag or something. Like “hey, mind control me, I’m willing to buy into the whole ‘nice dragon’ BS”! Maybe that ‘s just my paranoia speaking though. I’m really trying to overcome that though…it does not seem to come from the Light, and is more probably an archon control thing. So…I decided to look into the dragon aspect.

And found an interesting channeled message here about Dragon Energy. It is channeled by a ” “MACROVERSAL Council” through Rainey Marie Highley”, but Jenavi was excited by this message.

We come to you, dear friends, from the Universe of Dragons situated in the Tenth Dimension, a realm of abiding Peace…

We were not always located in the Dimension of Peace. In fact, our reptilian ancestors originated in the nearby Realm of Unity (located in 11D), where they learned to master the movement and direction of light through proficiency with the intuition. As our ancestors gained mastery over their intuition, they became fascinated with the Way of Peace. Through the guidance of their intuition, our ancestors followed an illumined path into the Dimension of Peace. It was here, in the peace-filled dimension of the Macroverse, that our species was born.

Now, I had read this article “Alpha Draconis/Orion Group” from the Ascension Glossary website, where they went way more into detail about the Reptilian ETs from the Orion system. But what stuck out in my mind was this statement:

“the Draconians are the oldest reptilian race in our universe. Their forefathers came to our universe from another separate universe or reality system. When this occurred, no one really knows. The Draconians themselves are not really clear on when they got here.”

The article goes on to explain this about their DNA

The Draconian Orion Group are also referred to as “Black Suns” from their DNA genetic lineage. The Black Suns have reversed their DNA from eons of inciting warring aggression in the Universal timelines to a reverse 10 DNA strand (reverse 10D) and running a reversal life current which they use the Iran Gate to feed off.

This is resonating with Jenavi. She disagrees about the cause of the DNA reversal though. Putting the two articles’ intel together, Jenavi told me the following: that the “dragons” from that 11D world of Unity not only created that 10D Realm of Peace which they populated with dragons, but they also did other experiments at the other end of the spectrum. They also created a Realm of Duality, the one in which we live in. This is where the Alpha Draconis Reptilians come from…they are a kind of reverse 10D species. But dragons are the opposite:

The dragon vehicle/body was considered a new “form-kind” because it was made partially of light body (similar to 4D “spirits” but made of glowing, radiant light similar to your sun) and partially of matter.

Jenavi says they created the Reptilians after the dragons, to see what happened when you went to the other extreme.

Now when Earth was originally formed by Space and Time, we knew of the experimental nature of the project and the element of gamesmanship involved in the design. One truth well-known to all of us is that no essence can ever be cut off from the Truth (or one’s soul). The Truth of who you are, what you are made of, and from where you originate are Macroversal imprints that can never be erased. It is not possible to separate you from the Truth. The Earth creation was a project intended to test this concept and see if environmental circumstances (the altering of one’s sensory perceptions) could block an individual’s ability to remember. This was an interesting experiment, or so we thought before learning of the secretive implantation of the Ego-virus into human DNA.

I believe the scope of this message was limited to reassuring the human channeler and the other human readers that dragons are good things. But reading between the lines, Jenavi says that it wasn’t first or foremost an experiment they did on Earth. Oh no, they had experimented with the idea of cutting off the essence from the Light with the Alpha Draconis Reptilians first; after all, the Reptilian form is much more similar to the Dragon form. Jenavi says Earth didn’t come into the picture until eons later. And yes, reptilians formed here first too. That is why the Alpha Draconis reptilians believe they own us, that this planet rightly belongs to them. Jenavi says the reason the native reptilians hide underground is to get away from the Alpha Draconis reptilians who feel they are the rightful rulers of them. These reptilians from the Orion system are a very ancient race, and some believe they are the oldest race in the Universe. I don’t think that our native reptilians want to be their slaves though. I think they threw us humans to the wolves instead.

Oh yeah, yesterday was a weird day for me! LOL I certainly got into some real weird shit with Ladosa Jenavi. But I am feeling a lot more benevolent towards dragons now. Despite knowing they inadvertently caused the problems we are experiencing in the world today. I believe it was inadvertent though: they didn’t realize what the results of the experiment was going to be! I’m even feeling more benevolent towards the Reptilians; after all, they are a failed experiment and about to be recalled by Source.

Maybe dragons are coming back into both mine and our collective consciousness lately because they are trying to correct the problem? There are so many books available for my Kindle that deal with both fantasy and paranormal romances with dragon shifters as the main characters. I have not been downloading them because of my prejudice against the reptilians, but I have been wondering if perhaps I haven’t been fair to dragons. There’s one witchy YouTube channel that I follow named Dragonfeather, and she follows a dragon magic path. There are others out there too, and I was finding myself curious. I’m now at an ambivalent stage, but feeling more and more like wanting to connect with dragons. There are crystal dragon skulls that can help you connect with dragons, which of course is fascinating to me. I love my crystals! LOL I shall see where this takes me…