Wow. It seems that Doreen Virtue, the Queen of the New Age Archangels, has made a drastic turn-around and converted to full blown fundamentalistic Christianity. Yup, she’s a born again Christian now. She’s totally eschewing her pagan roots and *gasp* denouncing tarot and oracle cards. Ummm…yeah, the woman who’s made a large fortune in “Angel Cards” and numerous tarot and oracle cards with an angel perspective. And…the pagan community is up in arms. Quite frankly, I don’t blame them. She’s now denouncing tarot cards as the workings of the devil, and I guess Hay House, who distributes her tarot cards, has now locked everyone out of buying them (see this video here). WTF? One former born again Christian I watched even came out and said it was no doubt a marketing ploy on her part…she can make tons more money marketing to the Christians than to New Agers. Disturbing idea. sigh

Well, myself, I have never liked Doreen Virtue. Even her name is disingenuous if you ask me! And her sole focus on the archangels, and ascended masters to a lesser extent, always bothered me. I myself feel they are all members of the False Light, and you can read my opinion on Archangels (archon angels) here and here. So in a very real sense, I’m not surprised that she is being led astray yet again. Wow, talk about being a weak, unawakened soul! Where is her discernment? Can she not sense that she is being used? This is actually really sad, unless she is indeed doing it for the money. Which wouldn’t surprise me…I don’t think she is an enlightened soul! I have always sensed this about her. She kinda feels like Sylvia Browne IMO. Virtue indeed!!! harumph

Strangely, she is disavowing the Ascended Masters, and channeling too. Ummm…she used to channel them! I ask again, WTF??? No, I didn’t watch her video on it because in many ways I don’t care what she does, but I mention this as a warning to everyone…beware New Age prophets! And anyone who claims to channel the archangels and ascended masters! They are being used and deluded by the False Light, who are leading them astray! It’s disturbing to me that someone who was so serene in her belief in the angels and the Light, would suddenly turn around and denounce them and embrace fundamental Christianity instead. I don’t know if it’s Catholicism she’s espousing or not, but the Vatican has been overrun by Luciferianism. The Jesuits rule Christianity. It’s not a good thing. Although I don’t agree with the Muslims taking over the white Christians, Christianity isn’t the way to go either.

Not that I have anything against Jesus. Well, yes I do, because there was never a man named Jesus. The letter J didn’t even exist until the 14th century! So the Jesus of the Bible is…what???? I dunno, but I don’t follow him or believe in him. I have encountered a soul that I believe is Mary’s son, Ieosus? I still believe that Mary and “Jesus” are twin flames, for the two souls I have encountered in visions FEEL the same to me. There is a wonderful feeling of lovingkindness about them, and the only time I have encountered “Jesus” was during my grandfather’s passing. Mary and Jesus came to get him when he died. I had asked for their intercession because my grandfather had been in a vegetative state for over 2 years and should have died, but was too scared to, I discovered in a meditation. So I asked them to help, because I knew my grandfather would listen to them. He wouldn’t listen to me when I told him he needed to go into the Light. sigh.

I used to have a really loving relationship with Mary when I was younger…she first came to me to comfort me when my mother had her stroke when I was 7 years old. I had a lot of angst about the whole thing…after the stroke, my mother suffered from debilitating migraines. I really felt she was going to die (and she nearly did twice!). But Mary was always there for me. She helped me with my menstrual cramps too, soothing me and helping me through the pain. Since discovering about the False Light and reading all kinds of weird shit about her, I no longer know what to think about Mary. Supposedly she was later incarnated as the Goddess Kwan Yin (see my post here) and then I read that she was the archangel Raphael’s twin flame, making her an archaia (female archangel). I just do not know who she is anymore. sigh. But I miss the wonderfully soft and loving presence I once knew so well. I’m trying to get back to that soul, instead of letting all the conflicting information poison me against her. It didn’t help that I read the book, Medjugorje: The Message, and got an even worse feeling about the Mary that is supposedly appearing to those visionaries in Czechoslovakia (see my post here).

Yeah, I’m rambling! bleah. But I do have a point! LOL I do worry about the False Light pretending to be divine beings and leading people astray. I think Mary exists, and “Jesus”, and Kuthumi, and Chango, and Oya, etc because I have actually FELT these souls. Not only have they appeared in dreams, but I have “spoken” to them, and felt their presence in my life in very positive ways. But I would never channel them…I feel that is the way to letting the False Light come in and subvert the Truth. I am aware of how paranoid I seem, always worrying about this, and it shows in my posts. But…the fact of the matter is that I am a Lightworker and Starseed, and my very presence anchors more Light into this world. The fact that I consciously work with the Light, meditate for Ascension, etc, makes me dangerous to them. And they do attack me all the time. I have detailed various psychic attacks before. I’m someone who needs to be stopped before I help make the Light manifest here on this planet! They don’t want ascension; the Dark cannot handle the energies and will not survive the ascension process. Perhaps Doreen isn’t of the Light, and she is disintegrating into the darkness too, like all members of the Dark. Perhaps this is the basis of her conversion to a sketchy religion that is losing members right and left, and the denouncing of pagan beliefs. Maybe she is a member of the False Light. I never trusted her pronouncements to be honest.

Or, they could be subverting New Agers like Doreen Virtue, either with her conscious consent or not. The Dark is getting desperate though…attacking such an iconic personage in the New Age community. Yup, great way to create even more division…now there is so much uproar in the pagan community about the dissing of the tarot and the whole pagan way of life that it’s making ripples in the complacency I always felt within the pagan community. I hope people realize that it’s her life and her opinion…just wish her well on her new path and ignore her now. If you have her decks, and they still resonate with you, then use them. It doesn’t matter that she no longer believes in them…she’s not the one using them! I hope to God they don’t become collector’s items now! bleah.

Wow…am I ever glad I was never attracted to any of Doreen Virtue’s stuff! Glad I never paid the $250 for her tarot course, which is losing its accreditation now because she’s pulling out. Glad I never wanted her angel cards, or paid attention to her website. I hope she finds personal happiness in her move to Christianity, but I do not hope she prospers financially from it. And I do hope she stops pulling the plug on all her previous endeavors that is only hurting those who once supported her. Not a great way to thank your past supporters! 😦

I tried to watch her video on this, but it feels yucky to me, and I don’t like the message and the Bible thumping aspect of it. Strangely, the comments are disabled for this video, and the Like and Dislike function is disabled too. Hmmm….also strangely, she just did an oracle card reading for the week of August 21-27, 2017. Granted, it was posted on the 19th, and her “coming out” video was posted on the 21st. Still…hmmmm…does this feel calculated to you??? I’m getting bad vibes here. Oh well…not my business. I never followed her anyway. I’m just sorry that people in the pagan community have been hurt by this development, and sad that they feel hurt.