Wow…this apathy that started around the time of the solar eclipse and intensified with the Equinox energies has left me feeling really tired and uninspired. I’m not feeling like blogging, and really not feeling like being on Facebook. Despite the fact that my friends on FB are happy to have me back, I’m just not feeling any affinity to…the process? I dunno, but I don’t feel like posting, or reposting, any of the memes and stuff coming across my newsfeed. I don’t like the changes with FB, with “suggested pages” and “memories” suggestions. Actually, this post here really sums up how I’m feeling about Facebook any more. I upgraded (partially anyway) to Windows 7 so I could go on Facebook again, and now I’m there, I’m not interested any longer. I’m disgusted to find that some of my friends are anti-Trump and pro-vaccine…yikes, I didn’t realize so many were still unawakened. sigh. Still sucking on those blue pills I guess. bleah

My tolerance level for Facebook is about 10 minutes…but it seems that there are others who are feeling like this too. As this post from Kauilapele’s Blog elucidated:

I’m currently feeling a bit spread out, kind of like a sense of “plastered onto the floor”. It’s all I can do to just take care of day to day things. I have a “personal deal” (actually a couple) I feel the need to finish this week. And I’m just moving very little at the moment. It’s all very “3D” type stuff. And as I mentioned in this video, there are times when I really do not feel “strongly connected” with the 3D items.

Yes, and this goes on, that goes on, so and so false flag happens here, there, US, Canada, and all this and all that.

Yeah…the stuff about the false flags. When my sister mentioned about the Las Vegas shooting yesterday, my first thought was false flag, but I zoned out because quite frankly, I don’t care. Yes, I’m sorry people were hurt, but I don’t see the rationale for getting upset or giving any of my energy to it. I don’t feel like I have energy to spare for it. I guess there was a stabbing incident in Edmonton here in Canada too. So I checked in with Jordan Sather to see what the deals are, and he has a very comprehensive video here:

I have to agree with him…the Las Vegas thing is probably not just a false flag but a sacrificial blood thing that the Cabal did. It’s also designed to distract from the bigger issues of what’s going on in Puerto Rico and Spain, but I also think the true nature of the hurricanes and typhoons, and what about all those volcanoes erupting??? Oy! I’m too tired to try to research the esoteric significance of all these things! Thank you Jordan for connecting some of the dots though.

Something else interesting that he touched on was those mysterious metal towers in New York that no one is willing to discuss. WTH? SecureTeam10 covered it too, and it seems very sinister if you ask me. Probably mind control shit. 😦 Some of the commenters suggested tearing those things down…sounds like a plan to me! Geez…will they just stop it already???? We need ascension NOW…I am beyond tired and disgusted by the setbacks. Let’s face it, the damn Illuminati have lost already, and they know it, but they’re trying to do their damnedest to wreck everything before they go out with a bang. I wish Source would issue that bang already…innocents are dying and suffering and that’s not right. sigh.

I’m still doing my 6 PM prayer for peace meditation, and my nightly prayers to help the world, although I’ve given up my prayer bead mantra meditations at bedtime. To be honest, I’m too tired to spend the half hour or so to say them before going to sleep. Mostly I’m just zonking out the moment my head hits the pillow. Except last night…wow…my mind wouldn’t shut off! Got a new stone, a fire agate, and I’m wondering if it isn’t partly responsible for that. But I figured I needed the extra “push” of energy since mine is so muted these days. Maybe it was too much??? I dunno, but I’m ready for a nap to be honest, and it’s only 1:18 PM! Maybe I’m transmuting…yeah, yeah, that sounds good! LOL 😉 Too tired to find a new graphic for my header too…so I’m recycling an old one that is just as apropos as any I might find. Yup…that’s exactly how I feel once again.