…or so says these guys here: “Color the Archons GONE“. Ummm…I dunno, I’m not feeling it to be honest. Not that I don’t want to believe, but…I don’t think it could be this simple. And…why wasn’t this done before now????

So, we asked our higher order friends to intervene and… POOF. No more archons. (It was actually quite a battle, but still, it didn’t last long. The female archon was nasty, twice the size of the males. And they really did look like that above pic.) Note: it’s the one in the header

I know I have asked for help with them before…what, don’t I qualify for help on this scale??? It would have served all of humanity too. So…they have bigger and badder friends than I do??? So…NO ONE has asked for help against the archons before???? Pardon my skepticism, but I’m thinking that it’s not reasonable that an entire race of lower 4D beings are so easily eliminated just because

…they messed with some of the Meowracles’ dreams.

Note: the Meowracles are the cutesy name for some of their psychic friends. Meow is for the cats that are part and parcel of the Schrodinger’s Other Cat blog, and oracle is for the psychic friends.

Yeah, so I guess

For the first time in a long time… a million years?… there are no more archons in, on, or around the Planet Earth. The archons are GONE. They’d been forced away from the Earth and were hanging out around the moon — and were feeling surprisingly invincible — until they messed with some of the Meowracles’ dreams. 

uh huh. Oh, and the Tall Whites are gone too..

 (The TWBs are all gone, too, banished to The Forbidden Zone.) 

They have a whole storyline to go along with this scenario too (see here). Do I believe these people? Why am I following this blog if I don’t? I dunno…I guess I want to believe them, but I have some serious doubts about them to be honest. sigh.

But, like they say:

Only now can we see and feel what it looks and feels like NOT to have some nasty ET species (that were BIG, scaling anywhere from 10 to 20 miles!) meddling with our consciousnesses and our energies. It will be interesting to see what happens. 

Yes, we will have to wait and see what happens and if this is borne out in the coming days. Like one commenter noted though:

If this is so, this is HUUUUUGE!

Weren’t the reptillians slave to the Archons?

So now we have no demons, negative reptillians, TWB’S, or Archons?

So it’s just the Lucifer loving lost souls left on Earth?

This all feels like a preparation for change, a big change doesn’t it?

Well on behalf of humanity I wholeheartedly thank you and the higher order for your sacrifice and help.

May we remember who we are, may we awaken from our dark dark dreams once more.

Let’s go and create something good…


I wonder if this was tongue in cheek??? SMH for being so cynical!!! LOL But…they didn’t talk about Yaldaboath, who is the archon’s demigod, who is their driving force. I don’t think Yaldaboath is gone yet…according to Cobra, they are still working on dissolving the head of Yaldaboath, although the Black Stone, which is the source of their power, has been destroyed. Why didn’t they mention the big Kahuna of the archons? The “higher powers” have been working on eliminating Yaldaboath for quite awhile now, but it has the human race under a hostage situation, what with those toplet and strangelet bombs that could disrupt the whole time/space continuum. So it’s been slow going to eliminate the archons without them blowing this whole realm up. That’s been my understanding up till now.

Personally, I’m thinking this may have been a small faction that was bothering this group of psychics…all of us lightworkers are under attack from the archons because we are dangerous to them. They are the Dark, and they hate those of us that embody the Light. So they psychically attack us, yes in dream states and meditation and such. They aren’t the only ones who’ve been attacked. I can’t believe that no one else asked for help from “higher sources” before, and eliminated ALL the archons before now. I’m sorry, I can’t help but think they aren’t ALL gone yet. The world doesn’t feel different to me. I would think that everyone would feel the difference if a huge, HUGE source of negativity was gone from our reality.

Actually, their very brief post about what happened sounds a lot like this post from this article from How To Exit the Matrix: “Archons Be Gone“. In it, the author is a metaphysical healer who healed someone who was under psychic attack by the archons; here is her description of what occurred:

With the help of Archangels Michael, Raphael and Metatron, we were able to remove the archon and send it home.

We accomplished this by first setting up an energetic perimeter shield around the patient, the archon and us. Next, the angels activated an interdimensional vortex of violet, purple and white light. The vacuum created by the vortex sucked up the archon and sent it back to its higher dimensional home.

After the archon left our realm, the vortex disappeared.

I think it is more likely that this is what happened with the Meowracles. Sorry, but I really don’t think they have saved the entire planet from ALL archons. I do believe such a thing is coming, but they didn’t accomplish it last night. I think Yaldaboath is still here. Cobra hasn’t reported differently, and I’m more inclined to believe him. Although he hasn’t posted since the 6th, and this supposedly happened the night of the 7th, morning of the 8th. We’ll see I guess. What a wonderful fantasy though. 🙂