Well, I have been crocheting up a storm, and made some cute Halloween things. I mentioned I was working on some stuff a few days ago (see here), but I thought I’d do an update and post some pics I had my sister take with her cellphone. I do not own a cellphone, and my tablet isn’t working so I can’t use it either. sigh.

I had mentioned the cup cozies I did up, based on this image:


I made the mug cozy, and I mentioned that since I only had heart shaped black beads for the eyes, that I decided to do up a matching Bride of Frankie. Here they are:


I have the Bride of Frankie up on a small pedestal on the fridge, so she looks like she’s peeking over the edge. The peach doily pumpkin is another item I recently crocheted. I think it’s actually a pretty little pumpkin…the pic doesn’t do it justice. The lighting is wrong. This is taken in the dollar store where my sister works…that explains the shelving in the background! LOL

Then here is the baby Frankie I had wanted to do, but there wasn’t a pattern available so I had to wing it.


This is my version…not quite as cute since I couldn’t find the same kind of eyes and had to buy pearl flat backed beads. And surprisingly, the ink in the black Sharpie looks more blue…


…and I don’t like the way the Bride of Frankie turned out…this below was my inspiration though. I may just break down (and wait till next month’s cheque), and buy the pattern. She will be bigger though.


Then I decided to do up a baby werewolf, but there weren’t any amigurumi patterns for that, so I used this picture for inspiration:


Yup, it’s weird but kinda cute! LOL This is sewn though, and I just tried to duplicate it in crochet, and this is what I came up with (below). I didn’t have any fake fur to use, and don’t know when I’ll be able to get any, so I used a natural fibre wool and took the cats’ flea comb to it. It’s freaky all right! LOL I kinda like it, although I think I’m going to change the eyes.


Again, those bluish eyes…damn black Sharpie isn’t cutting it!! I’m  thinking of using black nail polish, but I am already running short on funds this month, so that will have to wait till next month too. Actually, the fuzzy “fur” is really soft! LOL And I might try to make the eyes out of embroidered black floss instead, like the top pic.

Then there was this pretty little crochet pumpkin square that I adapted into a pillow to cover a small cross-stitch pillow on my chair…this was the inspiration:


and this is my pillow. She must have used a lighter weight yarn, because there are 16 bullion stitches to that pumpkin, but it was too fat for my purposes, so I reduced it to only 10 bullions. I dunno, maybe I should have gone with 12…too late now though. I still like the pillow though.


Yes, that is actually a pale yellow…I couldn’t find anything darker yellow in Tilbury, or in my stash. That’s me in the background holding the pillow up: I cross-stitched the fish in my brooch…there’s actually 2 of them, connected by some iridescent beads that look like bubbles. 🙂 I really should switch to the Halloween pumpkin brooch I have though. LOL

I’m currently working on this owl project, again with no pattern, but it’s just a simple granny square with scalloped edges and a basic flower. And I’m thinking the little ghost will match with my baby Frankie and Wolfie dolls…my group is the one on the bottom.


I also want to make this little ghost out of this fluffy white yarn I have, and I’d like to do up a few bats…


Actually, now that I look at the little bat, he’d make a good Wolfie too…hmmm…he may just be the right size to go with the others. I do have the pattern for this, so we will see.

Yeah…I’m on a crocheting kick right now! LOL And my sister wants to commit me to making up some children’s hats for Christmas…namely the Poppy Troll hat for a 6 month old, and a Batman hat (the one with the nose guard), but with the logo from the second one for a 3 yr old. Also the Batman scarf to match. The hardest part will be combing out all that damn hair! LOL



This will keep me busy for a while now! LOL Thank goodness she’s paying for the wool!