Well, I knew there was a big CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that happened a couple of days ago, which always takes a couple of days to hit the Earth. Those supercharged solar radiation particles always hit me hard. 😦 Ah….the joys of being an HSP (highly sensitive person). I thought maybe I should explain the HSP thing…it is different than being an empath. Empathy is the ability to feel other people’s emotions and energy…HSP is the ability to feel other kinds of more physical energy. I can feel when it’s going to rain or storm, I can feel when the weather is going to change (doesn’t matter if it’s for better or worse, just the process of the change affects me). I’m very sensitive to noise and light, and even on cloudy days I need sunglasses because there’s too much “glare”. If I have a bad headache, I need absolute silence…even breathing is annoying! Thank goodness I live alone!!! But the kitties don’t understand when I yell at them for breathing too loud. LOL

But I’ve been feeling very exhausted the last couple of days, actually just before I read about the CME. Today seems the worst though, and I of course was checking to see if there might be another reason for the exhaustion. Besides the fact that my cats have taken to waking me at 5:30 am each morning with yowling and jumping on the bed and meowing in my ear to be fed. sigh. I did find this post from Love in Action Now: an Energy Update by a Ginny Jones of www.lightcodesfrequency.com.

She was talking about energy shifts and some of the symptoms we might be feeling:

Wow, we are shifting at huge speed now.
Hold on to your hats and open your hearts.
Keep in the flow of love, hi frequency and positive mind.
We are being activated into the super consciousness at a fast rate, many are feeling vertigo, aches n pains in the body, sore dry eyes, pressure in the head, mistaking it for a head ache, shaking or inner vibration; there are many more symptoms.
It is normal; your whole cellular structure is adjusting to the new higher frequencies of coded light as your DNA is opening. Light coded frequencies are pouring into your body; all things on earth, and through the cosmos, are receiving this light including Earth herself. Everything is being adjusted and raised in frequency.
Your whole consciousness is being expanded as these cellular changes take place.

Umm…it’s one huge run-on sentence, so I went back and edited it. Sorry…but all those grammatical errors interferes with my ability to read it! LOL Yes, I am the grammar police! 😉 So if you go to the linked post, this is not the entry you will find there. The Love in Action Now author didn’t bother correcting the post…just copied and pasted from a Facebook post. But I’m feeling anal today, so I HAD to correct it! LOL

Now that I can actually read it, I will comment on Ginny’s observations. Yes…I can totally concur with the Wow part! This is feeling like those Wave Xs to be honest!!! Something is up if you ask me!

And the sore dry eyes…bingo!! Granted, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my eyes in the last two years since I had a) suffered a severe coronal abrasion on my right eyeball (I got a cardboard flap papercut on my eyeball) and b) was given a laser treatment to eliminate the floaters in my eyes 2 weeks later. That laser treatment made both eyes hurt so bad, and I’ve had nothing but problems with my eyes since! I do NOT recommend getting laser surgery for floaters!!!

But what the main problem seems to be is my eyes dry out overnight and I feel like I have sandpaper in my eyes when I awaken each morning. I have to spend a few minutes opening my eyes and getting them to work. 😦 But I’ve been working with both castor oil on my eyes and my apatite stones, and I had been doing better. Then yesterday morning and this morning…wow, my eyes were massively dried out and hurting!!! Actually, all of me feels really dehydrated; yet when I drink a lot of water, my stomach gurgles very loudly and I feel bloated. What’s with that???? Okay…according to this Ginny it’s the energies right now.

I do know there’s nothing wrong with my eyes…2 years ago when this all started, I went back to the ophthalmologist and also to the local optometrist, and both of them found nothing wrong with my eyes and were stumped by my dry eyes problem. Their solution…plasticky eye drops, whose main ingredient is castor oil. I have been using castor oil for decades, and it is an amazing product. You don’t have to drink it to get its benefits…it has a lot of topical benefits too. So I just use the castor oil, minus the other chemical ingredients.

The only other symptom I’ve had the last couple of days is diarrhea too…and the seeming inability to digest solid food. Even a little bit of food leaves me feeling nauseous and with a bloated, stuffed feeling that feels more like the big dinner at Christmas! And then of course it goes right through me. I feel like giving up eating to be honest. sigh. Frankly though, I think I’m doing better with the ascension symptoms…I’ve been going through them so long now that I think I’m a little ahead of the game in some respects. Obviously not totally transformed though. bleah.

I do want to make a little note here though, and I’m not sure if I mentioned it before or not. But I’ve had this strange sensation a few times now in the last month or so, where it seems like there is an inner light coming from my skin…like there is light under my skin. I’m thinking it might be my Light Body. That is an exciting, kinda shivery thought to be honest!!! But it does make me believe that there is a new Light Body developing for when we go through the Solar Flash (ekpyrosis) and ascend. Supposedly, we are moving from a much denser carbon based life form to a crystalline Light Form. I think that is what I’m sensing beneath my skin. Yeah, sounds a little freaky, but…I don’t know what else to make of this clairvoyant vision I’m getting every once in a while.

But thinking it through, if maybe my Light Body is more functional now, then I’m not going to have as many of the nasty physical symptoms, like ascension flu and such. So that explains why I don’t seem to be having such harsh symptoms that other people are complaining about. I do think the diarrhea is more a function of the Light Body not needing food for sustenance…yet I am feeling hungry. It’s been dark and dreary lately though, so I’m not getting much Light energy. We’re going into winter, and the sun rose today at 7:50 am and will set at 6:39 pm…so the days are already getting quite short.  And there’s been a lot of cloud cover and some rain, with temps all over the place! I had the air conditioner on last week, then it got down into the 50s and 60s this week, and now it’s supposed to be warmer this weekend. It’s already 68F today, with predicted temps of 72F for the weekend, and feeling even warmer…like 79F! HSP here *waving*…yeah, this fucks up my system badly too. bleah. The trees are only beginning to turn colors now, and only the acacias have started dropping their leaves. It doesn’t feel much like Fall.

So my poor Light Body isn’t getting a lot of Light energy these days. And I’m assuming that the sustenance I am needing isn’t of the food variety. These really are weird times…weird, transitional times. 😦

For some reason though, I’m ready for fall this year. Actually looking forward to it. I want a normal season for a change!!! So bring on the colorful trees and cooler temps! I just made some shawls, and I have the warm shrugs I made last winter, to get cozy with. My pumpkin buttercream frosting candle smells like fall to me. 🙂 I’m even thinking of making some pumpkin bread! I’ll buy the canned pumpkin though…I’m not feeling up to cutting up a real pumpkin, even though I’d love to roast some pumpkin seeds in the oven. And I’ve been crocheting up a storm of Halloween items, which again feels very autumn-like. All that nice warm wool…*contented sigh*