Good Grief…WTF?!?!?? I guess stupid teenagers are actually going around eating the Tide laundry detergent pods! I had read a scathing post where someone was ragging on Health Canada for issuing a warning about eating the pretty colored Tide Pods a week or so ago: “DARWIN ROLLS OVER IN GRAVE AS CANADA ISSUES WARNING NOT TO EAT LAUNDRY PODS” by the Daily Sheeple. Now, they are usually good at alternative news, but I was a little irked at the time at their dismissive attitude towards us Canadians (still am!).

Health Canada’s warning to not eat the laundry pods (designed to be thrown in a washing machine and wash clothes) surely has Charles Darwin spinning in his grave. It probably has others determined to take the warnings off of everything too, and let evolution handle things.

Let’s face it. If you have to be told NOT to eat soap, you’re probably already on a lower evolutionary rung than a fish. But that’s exactly what Health Canada thought their people needed. If we were Canadian, we wouldn’t know if we should be offended that the government thinks we are complete doofuses, or happy that those who may eat laundry pods can actually read enough and comprehend and heed a warning.

I really did not like the condescending tone of the whole article, and I hate to even give them any traffic, so I won’t paste the link. The comments were awful too…saying all kinds of nasty things about us Canadians. WTF? We are not stupid and I feel this was our government’s way of trying to warn kids off of trying one of these stupid challenges. At the very least, it was a responsible thing for Health Canada to do, in order to raise awareness and educate people.

I guess there have been a lot of memes about this too, which may be a factor in stupid teens getting the idea that it would be cool to actually try them. I dunno what is wrong with some people, but the idea of mind control comes to mind, and Agenda 21. There was this post by one teenager:

Nineteen-year-old YouTuber Marc Pagan started his “Tide Pod Challenge” saying, “I cannot believe I’m about to do what I’m gonna do.” With herd mentality on full display, he continued, “I’m just bored, so I’m doing something right now that is completely stupid. I know I shouldn’t do it and I don’t want to do it, but I’m doing it.” Similar videos can be seen online, with teenagers grimacing as they bite down on the colorful Tide pods, chemicals oozing over.

What is wrong with this guy? I have a sense of foreboding at his statement that he knows he shouldn’t do it, doesn’t want to do, but he’s going to anyway. This smacks of mind control to me! Bet he’s a cellphone zombie too. sigh.

But it is very dangerous to eat that shit. I just read this article on the subject “Total stupidity of online herd mentality on display as teens challenge each other to eat Tide laundry detergent “pods”” where they note:

 Doctors and parents are concerned about a dangerous new trend that is sweeping the internet. Teenagers across the country are daring one another to eat poisonous laundry detergent pods, part of a so-called “Tide Pod Challenge.” In 2017, poison control centers reported more than 12,299 toxic exposures to the liquid detergent.

I had not realized this was a “thing”, but then I am not on social media much. I hope to God my niece is too smart to try this…she is into self-harm though. sigh. But as the Natural News story indicates, and I totally concur with:

With so many safer laundry detergents on the market today, there’s really no reason to apply these caustic, hormone-disrupting, carcinogenic chemicals to clothes and wear them, let alone have them around for some toddler or idiot teen to pick them up and stick them in their mouth like they’re candy.

The best we can hope for is that people will stop buying these toxic pods to use in their laundry!