I just read a really great article on this topic, as channeled by Kryon, who isn’t a channel I’ve really paid any attention to in the past. Unsurprisingly, the title is “Addictive Old Energy by Kryon“, and I had forgotten that I had subscribed to Denise Le Fay’s Transitions blog, and that she often showcases Kryon’s channelings. To be honest, I don’t remember subscribing at all, but I’m going to assume that I need to be paying attention to this blog now. Well, today’s post certainly caught my attention!

The post is essentially about how many of us are stuck in the old energies, despite wanting and embracing the new Light energy. Being stuck in these old energies is addictive because it is how we are used to operating at in life. He notes how many energy healers are still clinging to old methods that no longer work in the new energies. You know, I had never thought about that. But I have noticed that things don’t work like they used to. I’m feeling confused and disturbed because I don’t know how to respond any more. This explains a lot. Kryon asks:

Is it working for you? Is life joyful? Healers are starting to lose the connection that they have had. Even meditators are starting to ask where Spirit has gone: “I sit down and I don’t feel it anymore.” We have been telling many of you for years now to expect the “frequency of God itself, inside you, to start vibrating at a higher level”! It is beginning to get higher than you ever thought it could be, but you continue to tune-in to the older, lower frequency, expecting everything to work. It won’t!

Yes! My meditations are not what they used to be! I no longer have MOTN (middle of the night) meditations any more…I don’t know why, but they’ve dried up. I used to say my 3 prayer bead meditations each night before falling asleep, but that doesn’t feel right any longer either. I no longer work on my Grimoire and Book of Shadows or even journal in my Occult Codex…I don’t know why, but I’ve just stopped. Nothing to say I guess. I dunno. *shrug* But I’ve only just noticed that these things have changed, and I’m not sure how or why. So this article has definitely given me pause, and a potential answer.

Kryon also makes a startling (to me) suggestion:

Imagine a balance that you’ve never had before. Imagine a maturity where new, intuitive information flies at you from sources that you don’t even know about yet. These are things that you’ve asked for. What did you try lately in the last 20 years that didn’t work? Are you going to try it again? The answer is NO. And we say why? You say, “Because it didn’t work.” Did you ever consider that it may have been bad timing? You simply tried it too soon. Try it again. Don’t base your future on what happened in the past. It needed the new energy.

Wow…I was going through the article thinking, nope, that’s not me…but this…this is probably me! LOL I think I have some revisiting of abilities to try out. I can think of so many things I haven’t done because they “never worked out”. No, I’m not in joy, but maybe I can find it if I try some old stuff again. I’m talking psychic stuff. I’ve totally embraced my empathy, but the telepathy thing is on the back burner because it freaks people out, and some other things that I think I will try again.

I also know that it sapped my joy. No, I do not have joy in my life. I have actually eschewed joy because it seemed that every time I tried to bring more of it into my life, bad things happened. My pet died. My grandfather died. I got raped. I lost my job. I had my wisdom teeth removed and the oral surgeon damaged my jaw. That’s just the first year I really tried to bring joy into my life! I gave it up after that. But periodically I’ve tried again and again, with similar results…lost jobs, people and pets dying, having to go on welfare, etc, etc. I am still on socially assisted disability, which means I live below the poverty level. sigh. Yes, that old energy of lack is still very prevalent in my life!

My computer is acting up and the motherboard needs to be replaced…yup, the most expensive part of the computer! How am I going to afford it??? Because a new motherboard also means new RAM, and a new processor, and new video and audio cards. Probably a new DVD player too…yeah, my old motherboard is very old. Like probably 10 years or more. sigh. Yeah, I’m feeling that old energy of lack very strongly here. Maybe…I should just go with it and upgrade my computer anyway, with the surety that the Universe will provide for me. Can I do that??? I dunno…it gives me anxiety to just say okay, upgrade my computer and damn the cost. I think I need to do this though. Yup, that old energy is addictive…or rather, hard to let go of.

Kryon also tells an interesting story about how that addiction to the dark energies of the past has affected a certain North Korean ruler…it is a fascinating interpretation of his story. Very thought-provoking. If for no other reason, it is worth reading this article to read this story and see Kim Jong Un through more compassionate eyes.

He also leaves us with this wonderfully uplifting thought:

This darkness that you grew up in, are you understanding and realizing that your children will not have that? There are children coming into this new energy right who will never experience the darkness. They will only know the new magnetic grid; they’ll only know the innate smart body that heals itself. They will intuitively know that war solves nothing. They’re going to fight the darkness greater than anything that you are doing.

The emphasis used in the boldface is from the author of the piece relaying the channeling, and I have to agree with her that this is so very important to realize. The children of today will live in a vastly different world than we did…how truly wonderful! I have been hearing that The Event will happen in the first quarter of this year…there was one QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) client who commented that her higher self said it would be Feb 19 and 20th! Yes! Things are changing dramatically and the world is already a very different place than it was even 5 years ago. The youngest have an advantage over us older folks…I’m 55 and was brought up in poverty with very conservative parents. Yeah, it’s hard to overcome the old programming. I know this is why I am still stuck in the energy of lack and hardship. It’s all I’ve ever known! It is the reason that Moses struck out into the desert for 40 years…the old had to die out so that the new, who never knew slavery, could truly be free.

Hmmm…better get my computer in so that I can get a new motherboard. 😉