For the last little bit, I have been noticing a severe lack of interest in the events of 3D earth…all this “stuff” going on with the Q posts over on 4chan and 8chan, the over 13,000 sealed indictments, the FISA memo, etc, etc. Yeah, I’m kinda perusing the headlines, and watching Jordan Sather to get the highlights. But just today, I tried to watch 2 of Jordan’s YouTube Videos (I hadn’t been online much the last couple of days…problems with my computer crashing! sigh), and found that I just wasn’t interested in what he had to say was going on in the world. What is wrong with me?

Well, I found this post by Kauilapele Kono on his blog “Kauilapele’s Blog” which really mirrors my own feelings: “Kp Message 2-10-18…”The Being-ness of me is having Challenges…with-3D Earth Happenings, Disclosure, and…” He states:

Just watched bits and pieces of a super long Jerome Corsi video group discussion of this memo, that memo, which leads to this and that and that and this. There was another one by Roy Potter earlier that kind of felt the same to me. There was nothing there I felt was “mine” to hear.

Yes! Exactly! That is exactly what I am feeling right now too! That none of this stuff actually has any bearing on my life and it isn’t “mine” to stress over. Wow…to get this kind of validation from another source is always very gratifying. I’m glad to know that I am not the only “lazy” one around! LOL Because that is how I’ve been feeling…like I’m just too lazy to bother looking it up or checking in on the world. You know, the world could be falling apart and it doesn’t really matter to me right now. My little corner is all safe and snug in a cocoon of white snow, and I’m just blissfully hygging it all right now. LOL

He goes on to note:

I mean, so what if “Trump this, Trump that”, “Memo this, memo that”, “Pleiadeans this, Pleiadeans that”, “Blue Avians here, Blue Avians there,” “Emery dissected this little ET, Emery dissected that big ET” … I mean, come on… That’s just not such a big deal to me anymore. Not at all.

Maybe I need a vacation (really?… a vacation from Hawaii?)… Yes, that’s right. Maybe that’s the deal.

Well, I’m not in Hawaii (can we say the Great North Canada), but I was just thinking the same thing…maybe I need a vacation. Although it’s deep winter freeze here, which is perfect chillaxing weather ie hibernation time. heh heh I mean, there’s nothing to do but relax these days. I’m not even crocheting much. I am very tired though. Trying not to nap too much, but I am finding I’m sleeping in till 10:30 or 11 am or so. I’ve been fighting the urge to go to bed at 7:30 pm, which may be a mistake, since I have now developed a bad cold sore that doesn’t want to go away no matter how much I’m megadosing on the Lysine. sigh. For some reason, I feel stressed out, even though I haven’t been paying much attention to what is going on in the world.

I suppose that’s my empathy kicking in…I discovered back during the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, that watching the events on TV only made things worse for me! I fell into a horrible depression after that…I found myself obsessively watching the news all day! It was too much for me…I am far too sensitive! It does make me wonder what is going on in the world that I should be feeling so stressed out when my little world is totally encapsulated by my tiny little apartment and my 3 cats.

I have only been out of my apartment a few times, mostly to go down the street to get some food from the Shoppers Drug Mart, and a couple of times this month to visit my parents at the home. I saw my sister once, and she took me grocery shopping to the NoFrills. But mostly, my life is narrowed to my 4 rooms in my small apartment. I read, I crochet, I’m cooking a bit (damn fudge just will not set!!!), I peruse Pinterest a LOT…downloading patterns I want to try out. Nothing stressful here. I should NOT have a cold sore that developed this big! Something is up somewhere in the world I am reacting to. sigh.

But I find I don’t really care to find out what. Actually, there is a small voice in the back of my mind saying, don’t bother, it will not help you. Is that my guides trying to shield me, or is it negative entities trying to blue pill me? bleah. I need to get back into my meditations. I am awakening at 4 am AGAIN, and I used to use it for my MOTN (middle of the night) meditation sessions. I’m not sure why I stopped, other than I got sick in November and was sleeping through the night instead. That damned illness lasted into January!

I still think it was something in the flu shot my parents got at the home. I finally started feeling better after not visiting them due to the home being under quarantine and visitors being told to stay away. Now I just visited them on Thursday, and I noticed this morning that my mucus is a little yellow (meaning virus). bleah. There are still a lot of residents sick in the home, and several had to be moved to the nursing home because they weren’t getting better. Seems suspicious to me…WTH was in the damn flu shot? Why is there a flu apocalypse, with people dying? I have seen the headlines where the CDC is having a hard time explaining why the dead children all had been vaccinated and yet still succumbed. 😦 Yeah…right. All part of Agenda 21 and the damn Illuminati’s de-population agenda.

Geez, I’m glad I live out in the boonies where they don’t really seem to bother us much…if you can stay away from institutions that force pharmaceuticals and vaccines on you. sigh. My parents had to take that damn Theraflu shit “to help them from getting the flu”, which actually made my mother sick. You’d think red flags would go up with those nurses and residents. Nope, and my parents are pretty well blue pilled too. sigh. I guess they need to be, because it is conditional on them remaining in the home. They have to  take their medicine. bleah. They HAVE to do what the doctor and nurses tell them. It’s damn criminal if you ask me!

We need ascension NOW. I’m sick of it all. I don’t want to read about all the bad stuff any more though. I know it’s out there, but I just don’t want to hear it. I really feel like it’s not mine to worry about. Perusing the headlines is sufficient, and I keep putting white light around the world to keep it safe. I know the Solar Flash is coming, and Full Disclosure, supposedly in the first quarter of 2018. I cannot wait!