Wow…the whole set up for writing up a post sure has changed! Bleah…I do not like this new format! 😦

Anyway…what I wanted to post about is something really weird that just happened to me. I was looking for something to make for supper and found a box of Lipton soup mix in the cupboard. I don’t know how long it’s been there, so I was looking for an expiration or best before date. There wasn’t one on the sides or the lid, so I turned it upside down to check the bottom. Mistake! There was an opened packet inside and a bunch of dried noodles fell all over the rug. Yes, rug, because for some reason I had moved into the living room to get better light to read the box by (my kitchen is an internal room with no windows).

So I got out the Swiffer for the stuff on the floor, and the dust pan for the stuff on the rug. I gathered up the stuff on the floor first, used the dust pan to clean up, and started on the rug. Got all the dried noodles off the rug, when I noticed a piece sticking out from underneath the rug. So I raised the rug and lo and behold, there was a ton of dried noodles under the rug! WTH??? I didn’t drop that many to begin with, and when I used the Swiffer to scoop up the stuff on the floor, I know I didn’t push anything under the rug. I could see one or two being stuck half under the rug, but not the amount that I did find under it! And it was quite a ways back too…no way that the flimsy Swiffer could have pushed that many underneath so far! And…I would have noticed if I had done that. How very peculiar!!! I think I’m having a Mandela moment or a time slip or whatever.

I know the energies have been intense lately, and I woke up extremely tired this morning. With a bad headache too. Same kind of headache as the other day, which I wrote about here. Only the piece of black tourmaline seems to help. I went looking for some confirmation of anomalous energy activity, and found a couple of things. According to in their article “Energy Update: Bizarre 92+ MPH Energy Wave Documented Traveling From East To West In The U.S.“, both MrMBB333 and SecureTeam10 (both of which I follow too), made note of this strange energy anomaly that showed up on the USGS Helioplot webpage, noting that it wasn’t seismic activity of the earthquake variety. No one seems to know what it is/was. I think this is what hit me…maybe it’s changed the timelines or something. Something weird is going on…between the headache, the dropped dried noodles event, and the weird configuration with the writing a post here on WordPress (there are no proper symbols to do things…just like an ASCII character. I have to hover over the identical looking characters to find out what they are. bleah.

Anyway…I think I’m done with this post for now…My head hurts too much to go digging any deeper, and I am so very tired I think I will take a nap. sigh Hopefully tomorrow the post writing engine for WordPress will be back to normal. I can’t even access the images to get a header for this post. sigh.