Well, at least some of the truth. As I am aware of it. My parents were the first ones to notify me of the “horrors” that Trump is inflicting on immigrant families these days. Taking the children away from their parents, putting them in cages and deporting families who have come to America to get away from deplorable situations at home. Deplorable situations created by Americans by the way. Yes, the refugees from Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, etc are fleeing dangerous situations…caused by the American war on drugs, which has created subcultures of dangerous gangs in those countries who deal in the “illegal” trade of trafficking drugs that the US has identified as dangerous and illicit. Making them illegal hasn’t stopped the demand for these substances, only driven it underground where it has now become a very large problem for the countries supplying the US with these drugs.

Trump has said “When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally—which should happen—you have to take the children away,” which is probably not an intended result of his zero tolerance for illegal immigrants. I think it was in a Mark Dice video…this one here…where he notes that the Washington Examiner did a piece on how 301 children were apprehended at the border in the presence of an adult who claimed to be their parent. It seems there is trafficking of children going on in these other countries, and many illegal immigrants are trying to get in using the children as a cover. I guess they have now resorted to doing DNA testing to see if the children are even theirs! This is how bad the situation has become!

According to Mark, the pictures of the children in cages are misleading, and one particularly heart-rending one was actually a staged photo by a liberal parent who was protesting the detainments…not a real photo of actual conditions. He does show the actual conditions in his video. So of course, the MSM take on Trump’s horrible new policy is skewed once again. Rachel Maddow deserves a Razzie in my opinion! LOL

Of course, I think Mark might be a little naive here though, because there is this issue of “‘Where are the Girls?’ Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Can’t Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held“. It seems the photos released by the DHS (department of homeland security) show only older boys…and won’t answer where all the girls, toddlers and babies are. I think this is a really ugly can of worms to be sure! I think that Trump’s MAGA hopes, with his crack down on illegal immigrants, might be getting sidelined by all the other corruption going on with the DHS. I dunno…it all makes my head (and heart) hurt with the implications.  But I do not believe that Trump is caging children in concentration camp-like situations, and willy-nilly breaking up and deporting children and families. I think they are trying to stop the traffickers and save the children, and that many of those children taken away from their “families” are not actually part of those families. I think that is the real reason for this whole situation.

I think this is reinforced by this Twitter post of POTUS:

I don’t know what’s really going on, but I do trust that Donald Trump is trying to drain the swamp and fix the situation. I am certain he is well aware of the ramifications of what is going on, and is working to MAGA.


Just after I went to post this, a new blog post showed up in my newsfeed…”Trump Administration Imprisoning 1,500 Immigrant Children In Old Walmart Along Border” by Stillness in the Storm. This one confused me…it seemed to be dissing Trump and his new policy, which is unusual for this site. Now some of his points are valid, but what I really want to call attention to are the comments, especially by a man named Steve. His points are really relevant and cogent:

1. These kids are in the US illegally. The how and why is extremely important to understand if we want to do what is right for the kids.
2. The kids are mostly victims of child traffickers, The plans traffickers had for them is sex slavery, typically drug induced. And that’s the lucky kids. The rest are tortured and killed in black magic rituals, or basically forced into gang membership.
3. Last year, of 12k kids brought here, 10k, or 83%, were NOT with their parents. And that’s the number DHS has found without using DNA testing.
4. The adults bringing these kids are putting the kids at extreme risk by crossing the border illegally, which cannot be done safely with children. The 17% who really are parents have zero rights to be with those kids – they are not fit parents to begin with.
5. The bankster-owned media and Hollywood are pressing very hard to keep this horrendous child trafficking from being stopped. Why do you think that is?
6. Under Trump, the DHS has NOT instituted anything new. They are following laws put in place by Bush and Obama and earlier. Zero tolerance is only following the existing laws more strictly.

Yup…this whole thing is a very ugly can of worms! I have a headache now. sigh. We need Ascension now!!!! (sorry to be a broken record, but I am so very tired of all this horribleness)