Okay…I just want to rant about the asinine hyperbole going on at The Weather Network. According to them, it is currently 33C but feels like 43C out there, or 91F and feeling like 109F….at 8:18 pm, with the sun going down!

However, according to AccuWeather, it is 29C and feels like 30C (or 84F and feeling like 85F). I went out there, and it is NOT feeling like no 109F!!! Yes, it’s still hot and humid, but I was pleasantly surprised at the slightly cool breeze I encountered on the north side of the apartment building. It is probably only in the upper 80s out there IMO. It is NOT sweltering, but it is hot and sticky. 100+ degree weather is hard to breathe in…it is not that bad out there! What is wrong with The Weather Network??? Wow…they have really become the MSM media FAKE NEWS! I had noticed this trend towards exaggerating the weather last winter, and stopped using them as my weather app. But my parents were saying it was so bad that I thought I’d check to see what it was saying, because that is the station they watch on TV. sigh.

I have to ask: what is wrong with the Weather Network, and other stations like it, that are going overboard with exaggerated statements about how extreme the weather is??? It almost seems like a kind of negative affirmation to get people to manifest such horrible scenarios or something. Thoughts are real things, and with the high energies lately (just check out the Schumann Resonance these days!!!) it is really easy to manifest our reality. Let’s not give any credence to these crazy hyperbolic ratings that some stations are giving out about how hot it is out there! Sure it’s hot, but c’mon…it IS summertime. sigh Let us not manifest crazy heat waves like THEY want…who needs that shit?!?!?!?

There are a number of people in my building alone that don’t have air conditioners…are they suffering more because they believe it is really that hot? I only have my air conditioner on the first setting, and moderately high (6), and the fan in my bedroom set on medium. I am actually cold and wearing a cardigan inside. Mind you, I have kept the drapes closed to keep out the heat, but still….humidity levels in the 100s is not that easy to keep out! And I have been cooking in the kitchen…hard boiling some eggs, making a cold macaroni salad, etc. I dunno…I’m not feeling this heat wave to be honest.

Oh and looking ahead on The Weather Network…they’re predicting 93F and feeling like 115F for Thursday. Really? AccuWeather is predicting  91F and feeling like 101F for Thursday…okay, maybe Thursday is going to be really hot, but I’m buying the 91 feeling like 101 over the 93F feeling like 115!!!! That’s crazy stupid…115F! sigh

Addendum: I just read a fascinating article on the topic of weather app accuracy and the factors that go into their predictions; "Why are all my weather apps different?" by The Guardian. Basically, it boils down to what features the app deems are important, how many variables from various weather observations they choose to use, and how great their algorithms are. Of course, it's way more complicated than this, but it was a very enlightening discourse. I guess I just don't appreciate the Weather Network's biases and how they choose to portray all the multitude of data they receive from various weather stations and observations.