Wow…I’m just hearing that David Wilcock has sent a letter of resignation to GaiaTV on July 1st. Now, David has not verified this, so for now this is just hearsay IMO. I first heard about it on both the Starship Earth: The Big Picture site, and another site I’ve been following for quite a while now…Love In Action Now. They both reference the same YouTube video by You Are Free TV, where she reads aloud the letter. I found the transcript of the letter at this Reddit site here. I guess his buddy Jimmy Church over at Fade to Black has verified that the letter is real here. However, Church does not go into it at all, saying it’s complicated…I dunno. 😦

There is a LOT of anti-Wilcock and anti-Corey Goode sentiment in the comment sections of all of these sites…I am getting a very distinct feeling that these are trolls though. Such nasty comments…and others patting them on the back for their “discernment”. Smacks of trolling IMO! And the fact that the You Are Free TV agrees with them makes me doubt this channel totally! 😦

I do believe in David…I have read his books, including the one written about him being the incarnation of Edgar Cayce. I do believe he is the incarnation of Edgar Cayce, and I found the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation” by Wynn Free to be well researched. As a matter of fact, I read it with the inner dialogue of “yup, yup, that sounds right”. It didn’t really have to convince me at all.

Corey Goode…not so much though. I have written about my reservations about him before (see here and here and here). I am not sure what is really going on here, but I have always wondered why David believes in Corey. I have watched a couple of free videos of GaiaTV’s episodes with David interviewing Corey, and I have always found them hard to watch. I don’t like the format for one thing. And Corey does NOT come across well on video, and David always seems kinda of “gee whiz, I dunno” when it comes to what Corey says. Like Victoria over at Love In Action Now…I have never felt called to subscribe to GaiaTV. Are they Luciferian? Geez…I really couldn’t say! I really do NOT know what to think of this.

According to the Starship Earth site:

As Thomas Williams reiterated on the THI Show last night, David Wilcock and Corey Goode were warned who runs GAIA TV long ago. They ignored the warning and joined the organization regardless.

According to another Starship Earth post, “Clif High: Pissin’ in the Woo-Woo Pond & Alfred Webre on the Corruption of Gaia TV “, Clif High, who does this…I dunno, some sort of algorithm analyses on all the data that crosses the internet…says Corey and David are messing up his analyses:

It seems that Clif takes exception to the marketing efforts of David Wilcock, Jay Weidner and James Corey/Corey Goode regarding the not-so-secret space programs and various claims made by Corey Goode.

He says their activities have had a big enough impact on his spiders and linguistics that he had to go to extra work to accommodate the ripples. He has strong feelings about their version of “intel”, beginning at the 25 minute mark of the video to the very end. Clif asks them to stop what they’re doing as they may soon be sorry.

And Alfred Webre, who I have come across occasionally, claims that

These Polish arconic satanic forces acting through JIRKA RYSAVY, Polish owner of GAIA, FINANCER OF CONTACT IN THE DESERT & THE ANCIENT ALIENS CRUISE with dubious Polish Satanic connections that have made Warsaw ASSASSINATION CITY with the Satanic death of Max Spiers in 2016 and the bioweapon brain cancer of a leading whistleblower in May 2017. The two Exopolitics FLIM FLAM PRESENTERS AT GAIA TV presented by the Satanist connected owner are reportedly presenting under FALSE NAMES! Corey Goode is a False name. David Wil-cock is a False stage name. These are FLIM FLAM artists.

I wasn’t aware the David was using a pseudonym, but it doesn’t surprise me to find out Corey Goode is really James Corey. According to Alfred there (and I’m not sure where his authority to make these statements comes from):

David Wilcock [AKA Eric L.] was denounced as a fraud by the ARE Association for Research & Enlightenment based on his attempts to appropriate Cayce material and claim Cayce incarnationship for himself.

I had not heard about this denouncement by the ARE Association, but trying to research it online, it does seem like they don’t endorse David. I don’t think this means anything though…even my mother was resistant to the idea. She was and is a huge Edgar Cayce fan, and has many of his books from way back when. She has read him extensively, and after reading David’s stuff, slowly changed her mind. We talked about it at length, and I said that David is still a separate avatar of the Oversoul that included Edgar Cayce, and his birth plan this time around would be very different than Cayce’s. Edgar Cayce would not do well in today’s world IMO. David’s scientific perspective is much more salient in today’s technological world.

Anyway…I don’t know if any of this is true or not, and without verification by David, we are just spinning our wheels here. I will believe David though.