…and is he QAnon???? Wow…I had to weigh in on this bombshell because I got goosebumps and feel like crying…which suggests to me there is some truth here. I do believe that both JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn are still alive and had faked their deaths back in 1999. The picture above is what convinced me…that HAS to be Carolyn, and if it is, then it follows that JFK Jr is still around too.

There are some startling coincidences that are now showing up when you look closely at some of Q’s posts…but go to this excellent video on the subject. I am convinced personally. Isn’t this a wonderful thing to discover?!?!? 🙂



It now appears that the man in the header picture has been identified as a Vincent Fusco…and he has a Trumpmobile van!!! I bet this is his witness protection name…I do believe that they faked their deaths and went into a witness protection program. See this video for some very good investigation into who Vincent Fusco could be. He actually has 3 videos detailing his suspicions that Fusco is really JFK Jr….it is a 3 part series. Very interesting…hope this doesn’t blow their cover though!!!