A while back when it first came out, I watched the interview that Congress had with Peter Strzok and watched with perplexed dismay the way the man comported himself during the interview. WTH was the matter with the man???? He was smirking and shimmying around in his seat like he had ants in his pants. There is something very wrong with that man. Yes, he looks like a man possessed. His facial expressions, and worse, his eyes, were not even human looking IMO. I got goosebumps looking at him…yes, I believe the man is possessed by evil. I can’t even look at the photos without getting chills. I know I am not the only one who thinks that, but what always got me was: what was the rationale for behaving like that in front of Congress and cameras?

Although I had sworn off of the blog Schrodinger’s Other Cat for their assertion that all the archons were eliminated in an epic battle one night…see my post here about it…I have decided to start following them again. I do remember writing this post that had me contemplating the fact that Cobra sorta confirmed some of what they were saying. But I still haven’t been following them for several months now, when they suddenly started popping up in my Reader newsfeed here on WordPress.

Other people that I follow and value their opinions of were showcasing something they said recently about the high energies that just hit us. Their article “Something Just Happened [UPDATE5]” goes into a lot of scientific detail about a massive energy flux that just hit us on the 30th of July. Both the Love In Action Now site and The Event Chronicle  did posts on the CATS’ discovery of strange anomalies, unmentioned by the mainstream science of course, but showing up on various metrics by various agencies around the globe. The Event Chronicle’s post only included part of the CATS’ post, which was updated several times as they got more “intel”.

But that isn’t what I want to talk about here…looking at the side bar of their other posts, my eye caught sight of this post: “That Obvious LOOK of the Puppeteer“, with a header of a sneering Peter Strzok. I HAD to see what they had to say on the matter. And I have to say, their analysis resonated with me. It gave me that reason for the antics that I was looking for.

Something to keep in mind when these public-angst events take place: this is literally a reptilian controlling Strzok via remote, telepathic link, using him like a puppet. Looks like they were trying to make the guy look stupid, perhaps as punishment for failure, as well as to show off their lower-vibe skills. Or they wanted to ensure that he gave the responses they wanted. Either way, it was an embarrassing display.

Yes, this resonates as Truth to me. It explains a lot really. Because it just wasn’t making sense to me why Strzok would behave so badly in front of a Congressional hearing…it was so unseemly to me, to be caught out with such blatant sarcasm and sneering contempt. It was almost like he figured they couldn’t do anything to him, that he was protected, and knew something that Congress didn’t. I’m sorry, but the Cabal has lost so much ground there is no way they can save Peter Strzok. He must surely know that. To act so damn arrogant seemed kinda counter-intuitive to me. Yes, it makes sense that he is possessed, but even a demon should realize that this kind of behavior would just serve to anger their detractors and make the human subject look bad. That the possessing entity doesn’t care about the vessel makes perfect sense, and is certainly the case most of the times. But still…you don’t want to get your vessel incarcerated because then you don’t have the freedom to move about and do evil things. Right? So it wasn’t making sense to me. But I have to concur with the CATS explanation:

Also, that self-righteous contempt you’re seeing is actually (earth-dwelling) reptilian contempt for humans; it might be disturbing if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic. Luckily, The Event is rolling in like a freight train. Nothing can stop it… and we’re nearing the station. Oh, and please also note that not all reptilians in the omniverse act like the ones inside the earth; some are reportedly nice… or so we’re told.

Okay…that makes total sense to me…yup…the contempt we saw was reptilian contempt for the “stupid humans”, and they were being blatant in their “puppeteering” of Strzok because they were punishing him for being caught. They’re going to make him suffer is my guess. I can actually feel sorry for the poor guy…wow, they are going to use and abuse him now is my guess! 😦 Stupid Service-to-Self guy never saw that one coming, I’m sure!!!

I’m glad the CATS also noted:

Note that this puppet-control thing is unlikely with people who meditate, ground, and set protection… but lower-vibe folks (with reptilian DNA streaks) are pretty easy for the reptiles to control.

But then they had to go and ruin it by adding this:

We know this sounds crazy, but it’s actually pretty boring; a party trick. Please don’t attempt this — or wosr, ASK for it — as it lowers your vibration down to something like near-2d levels.

I do find their arrogance to be very annoying. And they obviously do not proofread their posts either…sigh. I am remembering a previous post I wrote about not confusing the message with the messenger. So I will re-subscribe to their blog and just take what nuggets I can get from these people. Truth is coming out all over the place…it’s not really all that picky about where or through whom it seems! LOL