Well I just had an odd experience…my sister called me and proceeded to repeat everything I said. I said Hello, she said hello, I asked “How are you?”, and she responded with “How are you?”. This went on for a good 5 minutes before I decided to hang up on her. It was so bizarre, because it’s not like she was laughing like it was a joke. WTH???? It was very robotic, and she was repeating what I was saying almost before I was done. I even asked her if she had some kind of new app that let her know what I was saying! I stopped talking for a minute or so to see if she’d break down and say something, but there was dead silence on her side. No snickering or anything.  It was very eerie and quite disquieting to be honest. 😦

Now she has just moved to the midnight shift at work, so she may have worked last night. However, it is a civic holiday today, but since they’ve been working a lot of overtime, she still may have worked. I asked, but she didn’t answer me. sigh. Sometimes she smokes a joint to help her get to sleep, so maybe she was high? Or maybe it was really hot in the plant and she has a touch of heat stroke??? It is really hot out there these last couple of days! I imagine the plant she works in is sweltering! 😦 Could the heat have addled her brain? And she didn’t answer the phone when I called back a few minutes later.

So I called my mother to see if she had called her. No…my mother hadn’t heard from her and wasn’t expecting to because of the holiday. (I hadn’t realized it was a holiday to be honest LOL) I was relieved that my sister wasn’t going to be picking my mom up to take her shopping like she usually does on Mondays. So I had some breakfast and just tried her again, and she sleepily answered the phone normally this time. I asked her how she was and what was up with the earlier phone call. She does not remember calling me up! She said she was sleeping! I know that occasionally she will talk in her sleep, but calling people up on the phone while sleepwalking/talking??? That’s what she said…she didn’t remember talking to me or hearing me call. I told her…you called me! She does NOT remember doing so. So again….WTH???

If my sister was sleeping when she called me, who or what was utilizing her body to speak to me? Like I said, it was very strange and eerie, her rapid fire repeating of everything I said. I am getting the disquieting notion that something else was using her to speak to me…I have been having some trouble with negative entities bothering me again. sigh. From some other blogs I have been perusing, it seems like the Dark have stepped up their attacks yet again because of the eclipse and the energies that are so high and transformative right now. I think something negative called me this morning!!!! 😦

I have been having trouble with my eyes  again…it’s been at least a couple of years now, and that papercut on my eyeball is STILL bothering me. But the last few days, my eyes have been so itchy, watery and blurry that I can barely function. I have switched my computer to the black High Contrast setting to try to help my poor eyes out! Did you know that most images are not visible at this setting??? (has to do with CSS settings for the placement of images…I’m not real good with CSS so I’m not sure exactly how that works. sigh) Still…I just cannot handle the bright white backgrounds! I have the curtains closed, the lights off, and sunglasses on…that’s how bad my eyes are right now. This feels like a psychic attack to be honest.

I guess in a way I asked for it, because I demanded that they leave my poor kitties alone…that I would not allow them to be used to get to me. I would rather be bothered myself. Except…I did preface that statement with the statement that I wasn’t willing to be bothered either!!! I demanded that all negative entities leave me and my furbabies alone…and my family too! Although their own free will could negate that. I think Barb probably has…I know her husband and kids have…they are horrendously negative people!

But yeah…I would rather suffer than have my poor kitty have diabetes! He has some neuropathy going on, and his back legs are weak. 😦 He’s still peeing too much, and eating too much. I read that cats can actually starve to death when they have bad diabetes, because they are not getting any nutrients from the food! 😦 Though he does seem to be gaining some weight, and the peeing isn’t as bad. sigh The vertebrae in his spine aren’t as prominent, and I am only going through 2 big bags of litter instead of 3.

I can’t seem to get a reading though…his ears just won’t bleed! Even after poking him 4 or 5 times, and my own fingers bleeding, I might get a pinpoint of blood, but it’s too small to register a reading. sigh. So I don’t know what his levels are, but I am giving him this herbal preparation from Pet Wellness called Blood Sugar Gold, as well as the insulin. It has very positive reviews, and not just on their site. I read a few blogs where they were singing its praises. I just reordered more, and of course it’s delayed because of wildfires. sigh. I’m almost out. There is no way it should take 9 days to get to me. bleah

The chemtrails have been really bad, and although we had some rain, it certainly wasn’t enough. And damn, but the rain just made the humidity much worse, and it’s really unpleasant out there! According to Accuweather, it’s 83F and feels like 92F, but according to the Weather Network, it’s 84F and feels like 104F. Whatever…I just know it’s feeling like an oven out there! Yes, there’s a breeze, but damn, it’s like a furnace blast. I am not going anywhere today either! I did put out the recyclables, but I should bring them back in since it’s a holiday and there’s a chance of strong thunderstorms today. bleah

Thank goodness I have an air conditioner! It really is keeping my little apartment cool, I am grateful to say. But it’s hot out in the hallway, so I have my draftstopper in place to keep it out. Damn people keep opening the window in the laundry room, which is next door to me. Nothing like letting in all that heat and humidity!!!! And I don’t think anyone has been doing any laundry…I haven’t heard the door banging in a couple of days. The door has a nasty habit of banging close like it’s too heavy, and I always hear it. It’s a mixed blessing to have the laundry room so close by!  LOL I need to do some laundry though, but I’m waiting for this hot spell to pass. I think everyone else is too. I do hope we get that thunderstorm and it cools down!

Well, I’m feeling tired again (I’ve taken naps several times in the last few days!), so I think I will go and meditate and put some protection around my sister so nothing takes her over like that again!!!