Okay, I just want to note that we are having some weird storms right now, out here in the middle of nowhere Canada. Last night, there was thunder and lightning for an hour or more, without rain. It was very weird to have a full blown thunderstorm going on without any rain. Is it me????

Now the sun is shining, but there is a huge black cloud to the east. It is thunder and lightning again, no rain, and it’s still sunny. I don’t understand this kind of storm, and I don’t recall ever encountering thunderstorms without the attendant rain and lack of sun in my 55 years.

Have I not been paying enough attention to storms in the past? Is my awareness heightened now because I have been reading and watching too many videos about strange weather? I dunno, but it is very strange to see the sun shining while watching the lightning and hearing very loud thunder happen within seconds of the lightning strike. That means it’s close, right? Or at least it used to. Oh yeah…it’s still not raining yet either. Again.

Maybe it’s still far away…well, I can feel that thunder under my feet in my apartment. And the lightning flashes are flashes, not jagged images far off. It FEELS like the storm is here…it’s certainly loud enough, and the sound is coming really close after the strikes. I dunno, but it doesn’t feel right to have dark clouds in part of the sky (actually there’s white clouds all over the sky…I don’t know how the sun is getting through it all to be honest), yet there’s no rain and the sun is shining like a regular day.

Actually, it has now darkened up…the wind has picked up speed and the dark clouds are quickly moving overhead and to the west. It’s 5:18 pm, so the sun is in the west, so that explains why it’s now getting darker. Okay…the wind is quite strong, and it’s starting to spit outside. I’m sure it will soon pour…we tend to get torrential rain here…it was actually raining almost horizontally the other day, the winds were so strong, and the rain was coming down so hard. There’s a few bigger drops now, but I have to feel sorry for the trees. That wind is looking brutal…there will be downed branches in the morning. sigh.

Yikes…now they are gigantic drops, and it sounds terrible coming down…visibility is low out there, although it’s not as dark as the clouds were/are. Wow…can’t hardly see out the window now…it’s really coming down! The street is starting to flood…this always worries me as I live in a basement apartment. bleah.

Please God…don’t let my apartment flood. My sister’s car got flooded yesterday…she went through a puddle in the parking lot at work that was actually up to her knees. A couple hours later it was gone though. I hate these flash storms that whip up so suddenly and cause temporary flooding because the drains just can’t keep up with the sudden influx. These aren’t normal either. I think geoengineering is mucking up everyone’s weather to be honest!!!

It’s 5:31 and the sun is out again, although it’s still raining…I’m going out to see if I can find a rainbow!

Nope…no rainbow. 😦 This happened last time it was raining while the sun was out…what’s happening to the rainbows??? I have seen them at this apartment building before, so I know where to look for them…hmmmm….