…from Schrodinger’s Other Cat site. sigh. I had stopped listening to these people back when they asserted that all the archons were gone (see my post here), but started back up again because they were highlighting the different metrics that are showing that there are high energies afoot. Now they are making some new proclamations that do not resonate with me at all! I don’t think they’re totally wrong in their points, but their arrogant assertions that something is this way NOW is frankly galling to me. According to them, our chakras are gone and we are strictly light beings under the skin.  Ummm…no.

Why do I think this? Because first off, my root chakra has been killing me the last few days with this latest batch of Wave X energies. The kundalini is activating and causing me various problems. If my root chakra was gone, then where is the kundalini arising from???? And why would I have to do their “Light Body Meditation” if the chakras are gone?

Important. Something we forgot to tell everyone. 

For many of you… you don’t have chakras, anymore… so don’t THINK that you have chakras. This hinders the process. You’ve already upgraded to a “light body,” which is basically a portal for SOURCE. It’s just a paradigm shift, a mental thing, but you need to embrace this new idea to make the next step (we had to, as well). Don’t worry, it’s easy. 

Okay…it could be argued that I am hindering myself by thinking that the kundalini is rising from my non-existent root chakra, but I dunno…why does my tailbone hurt so much then???

I had active kundalini before I even knew what it was, and it was only upon reading about this phenomenon that I realized that is what was happening to me. I inadvertently awakened the kundalini when I was 26, and didn’t find out about kundalini until a few years later. And it wasn’t until I got a computer in 1999 and was able to research the subject that I learned anything really useful about it. That was when I was 37 yrs old. Reading about the kundalini was like a lightbulb going off…yup, yup, yup to all the points I was reading about it. My point being…I had no preconceived ideas about it and yet the research bore out my experiences.

I don’t go around activating my kundalini because I still don’t understand it…it tends to get away from me and cause problems physically, emotionally, mentally. I am reminded of the Yogi who wrote the “definitive” text on it many years ago, and was my only source of info back in the 80s…he said to not fuck with it, and he spent 25 years in a mental institute because he did. So…I don’t fuck with it. When it acts up, I try to shut it down. It’s acting up these days. So something is going on, but I’m not convinced that my chakras are disappearing.

I do acknowledge that the light body is developing…I have had a couple of disconcerting visions of there being a glow under my skin (see my post here ) but I don’t feel like the chakras are not a part of that energy system as well. I think they’re still there. Maybe more integrated though, but I’m feeling like their little meditation is to help us feel our light body, not to eliminate our chakras.

In meditation, imagine all your chakras glowing WHITE and combining into one big glowing ball of energy, then create a new one just like it, same size, and move it above the other, like an infinity sign. Then fill the infinity with light and have it grow into your present body’s outline, to completely fill you with light. THIS is your new light body (which is technically already there, you’re just recognizing it and moving past the old way of thinking). After this, you’re done… well, until guides tell you/us something else we have to do. 

Yeah, this is our light body, so the assertion that the chakras are gone is inaccurate…they have been expanded perhaps, but not eliminated. I wish they’d get their facts straight and stop exaggerating things…it feels like click bait to me. sigh. I do worry that they are being fooled by the False Light, and spreading misinformation. They do believe in the archon angels after all. 😦