…that popped up in my newsfeed was something from Schrodinger’s Other Cat ‘s blog…their post “Incoming Weirdness, Meterage and Mayhem: That CRAZED Look of Fall” was not only amusing but also validating for me. This was why I started following them in the first place…they just get out of line with their grandiose statements about crazy things like the archons are gone and our chakras are too. sigh

Anyways…what was validating for me was some of the ascension symptoms I’ve been having…geez…when are they going to stop???? Am I really that bad off that I have to have these ongoing problems??? Anyway…the Cats are saying

Wow. Wave X drama. Kiruna is looking active, to say the least. Headaches and fatigue and bad hair days appear common

Oh yeah to the headaches and fatigue…and what’s with not being able to sleep when I’m so damned tired???? But this isn’t what was so validating…a lot of different psychics have been talking about the fatigue and the headaches. What was validating is the “bad hair days” thing! LOL Damn, but my hair is not behaving itself these days!!!! It’s not just that it’s humid out and I have naturally curly hair…it’s just not curling properly these days! I’ve even switched up my wash and go routine to no avail. So maybe it wasn’t the products I was using as I thought. But my hair is looking more 2B than 3A…WTF? This is an ascension symptom? Who knew??? LOL


Then there’s this stuff:

Meanwhile, those of us who’ve been doing our inner work are experiencing more instances of “meanwhile,” along with more feelings of wonder, more blue skies, more flat-out blotto-fatigue, more zoned-outted-ness, sprinkled with a pleasant, soothing anticipation that things are going to be okay… somewhere… and that we’ll get there, eventually.

Oh yeah to the feeling of “meanwhile”, “flat-out blotto-fatigue, more zoned-outted-ness”, and the feeling that things are going to be okay pretty soon, yeah, somewhere – eventually. LOL And strangely…I was looking out just this morning and noticed that the sky is really blue with only a couple of fluffy white clouds (it’s been dark and damp and grey for the last several days).

Where the cuteness kicks in is after all the different metrics and monitors they initially posted…around the part where the picture from the header starts and the following text happens

Then there are: Timelines skipping all over the place; electronics failing; mummies selling milk. And the sun’s companion (which we really should name… how about Trudy?)… TRUDY is starting to show some leg; this (very nice, spiritwise) extant system possesses FEMININE energy (to the sun’s masculine), which is why so many psychics and mediums keep talking about a fresh influx of “goddess” energy coming in.

Meanwhile, the cabal is going berserk in fear-thrashing, as sharks are wont to do as they go down; and bears are coming out of the surf… (see header)

Now I want to comment on the “sun’s companion” they named Trudy…I believe that Trudy is the planet Nibiru or Planet X that everyone is scared about hitting the earth. I do know that all star systems are binary star systems…that means that each solar system has 2 suns. Our second sun is a brown dwarf sun, and has a strange trajectory so that it is rarely in observance. It’s now coming closer to be with our sun, and yes, it has a feminine energy. All solar systems have a positive/male and negative/female sun in them. Our sun is masculine, his twin flame is now coming around. It’s a macrocosm thing. 🙂

They are also predicting that the craziness is here for a while still:

Expect all kinds of freakiness to come out of the woodwork all the way through Halloween. As you’ve already seen, this is already affecting the animal world and the human world, but the spirit world is set to go even more whacko than it’s been (‘whacko’ being the technical term), becoming something extra-special-weird as we get closer and closer to… something. We can all feel it.

Yup, I do feel it too…and it’s good to know that whacko is a legitimate technical term in this sense. LOL But I have to agree that all kinds of freakiness is coming out of the woodwork: my computer keeps glitching (it’s pretty well brand new!), my skin is erupting terribly and I don’t know why (my eating habits haven’t changed), I’ve had loose bowels for the last 3 days, and my prosperity has dried up the last couple months and I’m back to being broke by the second week of the month! 😦

What’s with that??? I thought I had the abundance thing down pat???? I mean, I managed to buy a mostly new computer/monitor/keyboard/speakers a few months back and didn’t wind up broke by month’s end. (had to get the new monitor, keyboard and speakers because the old ones didn’t work with the new computer). Still…they were additional expenses I hadn’t expected and yet I was still okay financially that month. sigh

I also used to have severe acne from the time I was 11 till I was in my early 30s, and I finally got rid them, and they’ve been gone since (20+ yrs). So why do I now have not just facial acne, but on my arms again and huge painful bumps on my butt and inner thighs??? I KNOW I resolved the emotional issues that caused them to begin with! Those issues aren’t back, so what’s with the skin problems again??? sigh

And why is my computer acting up???? I have the latest OS (Windows 10), all brand new components, new tower, and it’s been working like a dream up until now. bleah

Okay…we need ascension NOW! I’m beyond sick of it all to be honest.