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About Me


Back in the early part of the century, I belonged to a few women’s groups where I took the name of Lady Jenavi. Everyone went by pseudonyms back then, and for many years, this was my sole identity on the worldwide web. The signature tag above is one made by a dear friend of mine, and is a wonderful image for me. She nailed me totally…thank you so much Tita!!! ❤

Who am I is a question I have pondered since Grade 7…and I still don’t know! No idea what I want to be when I grow up, and I’m in my 50s now! LOL My musings here will give you an idea, maybe. I identify as pagan, agnostic in that I don’t believe in organized religion, am an empath, have many psychic abilities, consider myself a starseed and lightworker. I’m a ScorpioTiger, and a Chitra, if you’re into the whole astrology thing (which I am!). These are labels which might help you understand me a little. 🙂