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Links I Like

These are some of my favorite blogs, and other sites I have found interesting and informative.

Alternative Media

InfoWars – the Alex Jones website: because free speech must be protected!!!

David Seaman – another free speech site, who is being censored! Here is his other sites in case the YouTube one goes away: and

The Mind Unleashed


In5D Estoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual Database – my fave for all things esoteric!

WooWooMedia – the sister site of In5D, with even more out there stuff!

Divine Cosmos – David Wilcock’s blog

Sphere Being Alliance – Corey Goode’s blog

Discerning the Mystery – often talks very cogently on David and Corey’s series, as well as other whistleblowers. I’m really impressed with this site!

Truth Earth – posting on Cobra updates and alternative media topics. – posts some very interesting esoteric topics.

How to Exit the Matrix – Michelle Walling’s site; similar to In5D and WooWooMedia

Ascension Glossary – very comprehensive glossary of all kinds of esoteric topics

Benebell Wen – a wonderful, beautiful esoteric blog

Wandering Woman Wondering – wonderful Nordic/old Germanic pagan viewpoint

Stealing Fire From the Gods – astrology and awakening stuff

Ruby’s Readings – lots of moon phase stuff/astrology stuff

Journeys in Spirit -love some of her affirmations, and personal reflections.

Lee Harris Energy – a wonderful channeler! Love his YouTube energy forecasts!

Andrew Martin – the psychic behind The Lighted Ones. You can find his videos here.

Victor Oddo – another excellent psychic with fascinating videos.

Waking the Infinite – very esoteric stuff!

New Earth Energies – more very esoteric stuff! Just beware the archangel messages. 😦


Adam, The Crystal Grid Maker – an amazing child who creates the most amazing crystal grids, and totally understands what the crystals can do. Check out his World Grid Project!

The Crystal Brown Witch – crystals and wiccan stuff

Crystals and Health Info. Center – lots of esoteric topics, again archangel channels, but they also channel Kuthumi, which I kinda liked.

Morrighan’s Cauldron – not just info, they sell crystals too. Daily deals and mystery boxes. Oh my.

Esotericaroma  – has a lot of pagan and crystal info.


Kindness Blog – love their 75 photos of the brighter side of humanity post!

Beautifulgroovyawesomegreat – very wonderful, feel good stuff.

Peek – this site will test your site and give feedback on its effectiveness.

The Earl of Southampton’s Cat – a really cute blog with the perspective of an Olde World kitty.

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