My musings on all things esoteric

Explanatory Notes

I figured I needed something to help with explaining some things that are idiosyncratic to my posts. So this page will elucidate some ongoing points which are probably eliciting a lot of “huh???” moments for people. I have arranged it alphabetically for ease of use.

Archangel disses…I have a problem with the whole concept, which is detailed here and here.

archons: 4th dimensional beings who feed on the negative emotions of humans. They are not physical beings, but possess other dark entities, like the reptilians. I’ve been rethinking my stance here though.

The Dark: same thing as the False Light, reptilians, the archons…dark entities who do not have our best interests at heart.

False Light: those beings that pretend to be divine and here to help us, but in actuality are dark entities deceiving us into believing in their precepts. They begin their communications with statements like “Our dear ones” and usually pretend to be archangels or benevolent aliens.

The Goldie Chronicles: my name for some very esoteric posts about the very distant past, as discovered by my association with my sabre tooth tiger spirit guide Goldie. It is a category all its own!

ickyons: my name for the archons…another diss for the dark entities that keep us all enslaved and cause this planet to be such a negative place. I use this term when I most wish to express my disgust and disdain for them. Otherwise, I refer to them as the Dark or as reptilians. I’ve been rethinking my stance here though.

my friend K: a dear Facebook friend who I have long, very esoteric discussions with. He also sent me a large selection of stones at one point, and I have been detailing some of my interactions with these stones.

Ladosa Jenavi: this is who I was when I first came to this planet; it is my Oversoul. You can find more info here.

The Light: God, Source, All-That-Is. It is the energy which makes up the whole universe, which is the light that shines so brightly on the Other Side, which everything in existence glows with.

manators: this is the term for all half-human/half-animal creatures that used to exist thousands of years ago.

The Matrix: the corrupt system of the False Light that has kept humans downtrodden and under their thumb for thousands of years. The movie was so incredibly spot-on that I am amazed that it was allowed to be made! It is made up of the ickyons and the reptilians, and various other negative entities that feed on our negativity.

MOTN Meditation: Middle of the Night Meditations that have been ongoing for months now, since I have been awakening between 2 and 4 am every night. Since I can’t seem to go back to sleep, I choose to meditate instead of tossing and turning.

The Other Side: heaven, our spiritual Home.

reptilians: not the exact same as the archons, who are 4th dimensional entities without form. They usually use the reptilian aliens as physical forms though. Thus, I often use the 2 terms interchangeably. I’ve been rethinking my stance here though.

Tiamet: the planet that exploded in ancient times and became the asteroid belt.

The Universe: God, Source, All-That-Is; another term I use interchangeably with the Light.


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