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The Goldie Chronicles

Goldie is one of my animal spirit guides, and she is a golden sabre tooth tiger. You can read more about her here. As I mention in that post, Goldie has been a catalyst for helping me to remember my starseed beginnings here on this planet.

I will be detailing a lot of very woo-hoo information in these chronicles…there is absolutely no way to verify my memories and experiences and recollections of a time that was millions of years ago. I first came to this planet before there were humans; humans are 10.5 million years old. Of course, none of that early time is remembered now or recorded. Except maybe by others like myself who can channel information about it. The great psychic Edgar Cayce did channel a lot of information though, via the Akashic Records. Some of my info comes from reading him, but my perspective tends to divulge from the strict observances made while he was in trance. I can put a personal perspective on his “facts”. Ladosa Jenavi has her own “spin” on things.

I will try to outline the various topics here for ease of use.

Who is Goldie?

Who is Ladosa Jenavi?

CO-mander Gogli

Angels and ETs

ET Chakra Systems

Hell and the Hinterlands

What are Manators?


First Vampires

How Manators Evolved into Wereanimals


Dragons and Reptilians

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