Aww geez…I think I gotta stop watching the news! It’s starting to really get me down now. I suppose being an observer to the American drama wasn’t as upsetting as what is now happening in my own country of Canada. Looks like the drama has come here now. sigh I cannot afford the neutral position of observer now. I think. Can I get back to that neutral observer vantage point of looking at the world again, and more importantly, should I?

I guess the fact that I’m finding it all so upsetting is a sign I need to find more balance in my viewpoint on world matters, including my own country. That neutral observer vantage does this. It takes the sting out of the horrors and frustrations, but I’m feeling like it takes all the passion out of the equation. Like the passion to lobby for change. Because oh boy…Canada is about to become a maelstrom of change from what I am sensing now. And I don’t feel up to the fight. sigh

Why do I say this? Well, I was reading yesterday that PM Trudeau has been meeting with none other than supervillain George Soros. WTF?!?!? Awww shit…this is bad!!! As you can see from the header, Trudeau “thanked” Soros for his insights. His forward leaning posture indicates great attention on the old fart, and you can tell he admires the man. WTF??? Sorry about the expletives, but damn! This is terrible!! Why is Trudeau even allowing that man into our country??? 😦 There’s a really good article here “Canada, You Must Get Rid Of PM Justin Trudeau! And Fast!” where they outline what is going on and what will happen if we continue on this path. I am very frightened for my country now. 😦 Wonder if there’s a Trump in Canada????

I also read on Yahoo yesterday about how PM Trudeau is welcoming all refugees with open arms. Well, let’s just inherit all of the United States problems!!! WTH??? I totally agree with what Trump is doing to not just ban immigrants until a proper vetting procedure can be implemented, but that walls should go up to prevent illegal immigrants from overtaking a country. I actually like the idea of “safe zones” within a country with war. It has merit if implemented properly. That way, no one is displaced, and maybe only the ones who actually want to engage in war will do so…leaving the innocent out of it. Pipe dream???

But I am already a second class citizen in my own country as a white Canadian female. I cannot get any financial aid to help me live…but if I was an immigrant, I’d have a house and a really good income given to me! Ummm…there is a poverty problem here in Canada that needs to be addressed before we start letting more people in! What is our prime minister thinking?? I bet this is Soros’ doing! He’s lost his grip on the US since Hillary lost, so now he’s coming after Canada. Yeah, we have more room…but…half of Canada is above the permafrost level! Will they be willing to move up there??? I don’t want to be displaced! I was born here and I’m a Canadian citizen…aren’t my rights more important? I am sorry for all the displaced people due to wars, but why does it have to become my problem? I have nothing against legal immigrants, who go through the process of becoming a citizen, but this carte blanche rendering of aid is what got the US into trouble. And so many other European countries who are struggling with the same issues right now. As InfoWars points out in this article:

Says growing Muslim population a challenge for open-minded society

I guess Germany’s Chancellor did exactly what Trudeau just did:

From 2015 on, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government maintained what is now known as an “open-door” policy, despite an avalanche of criticism from the public. Last year, some members of Merkel’s cabinet began challenging the policy, with some suggesting a more selective approach.

And they had a “severe refugee crisis” back in 2015 with hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking asylum there. Shit! I am “seeing” this happening here in Canada now! My “spidey sense” is tingling so hard that I am feeling nauseous. I KNOW this is going to happen here! bleah!

Not that I begrudge war weary refugees asylum…I don’t. It’s not the average person who has been displaced by war that worries me. It’s the angry ones who want to keep their aggressive ways and start the aggression on foreign soils that they go to. I hate to use the word terrorist, because I think it’s overused and muddies the issue. But there are definitely a portion of refugees whose anger is so strong and directed outward that they are a threat to any place they move to. I’m sorry, but I don’t want them working on their issues in my country. Does this make me bad?

Yesterday, 3 men opened fire on a Muslim mosque in Quebec, killing several people and injuring a bunch more (see the story here). And so it begins. bleah 😥 Who wants to bet me that Soros is behind this??? double bleah

Addendum: And of course one of the shooters was guessed it...a Trump supporter. SMH See the article detailing this piece of fake news here "HERE IT COMES…CANADA FINDS A WHITE, PRO TRUMP SUPPORTER IN QUEBEC SHOOTING". sigh