Okay…WTF is up with sending a car up into orbit???? I am not certain that it is the ultimate in ego though…sending one of his own Tesla convertibles into space with a mock astronaut in it sure seems like it though. He launched his latest and greatest space rocket on February 6th, amidst great fanfare I might add, only to put a car into space. Just look at the crazy (and I emphasize crazy here) excitement this generated.


Uh huh. Something tells me there is much more to this story. I personally don’t believe that the car was the only thing that was launched…I think it’s a cover story. All the hullabaloo is meant to keep our eyes focused on something innocuous and inane, so we don’t see what else is going on IMO.  Either you watch the live stream and believe in the innocence of it all, or you dismiss it as stupid and don’t watch. You can watch it live here.

But I believe there is something more going on that Mr. Musk doesn’t want us to know about. What that is, I don’t know. However, it would seem that there is something very fake looking about the feed…it would seem there are many who are calling it fake with arguments to support it. This one “BUSTED. SpaceX Starman Live Glitches Green Screen Fake Space” shows that there are glitches in the feed where only the earth is wobbling, so it isn’t a camera problem This suggests the earth image is merely an image superimposed on a green screen. I found all kinds of videos on YouTube debunking this live feed. I guess even the TV show The Simpsons knows it fake! LOL And here is a cute “alternative” narrative of what the “astronaut” is sending back, from a frequent contributor to Cobra’s blog “STARMAN Perspective“.

It has gotten so bad that Elon Musk has actually fired back at his detractors with the asinine statement that it must be real because everything in space looks fake due to “occular displacement”. Yeah, right. As this video points out “Science goes into Damage Control with the recent Elon Musk statements about his Tesla Roadster looking fake in space!” Yeah, Musk is very busy doing damage control because he totally knows how truly fake his CGI Starman looks, and that no one is buying the story! Sheesh…how stupid does he think we are????

Now, this post kept crashing on me the other day when I was typing it up, so I am now finishing the post. I don’t know what else I was going to say on the subject, except to point out that he is planning on sending his car to Mars. Seriously???? I think it might be doing some kind of surveillance on the sublunar space war that is going on right now to be honest. I also would not doubt that there was something else launched at the same time. There is something definitely fishy about this story!!!