Yesterday’s song from Chango stayed with me all day and into the night…I fell asleep singing the verse:

Shorty, you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel
Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby
Shorty, you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel
Girl, you’re my friend when I’m in need, lady

When I awoke around 2:30ish, there was a new song interspersed with those lyrics:

Shorty’s like a melody in my head
Got me singin’ like
Na na na na everyday

Of course, that’s not the actual verse…it’s funny how only parts of any song gets stuck in your head.

It seems that Chango is amused by the term “Shorty” since I am only five foot two and a half. Which also makes him laugh…the fact that I include the “and a half”…hey, when you’re this short, every half inch matters! LOL

So this morning’s Middle of the Night (MOTN) meditation revolved around why these songs are showing up, and I came to realize that it was Chango’s way of sending me reassurances that he was around. I have the car Corolla to remind me of my guardian angel Carolla, dragonflies for Oya, and yellow butterflies for Oshun. I can’t think of a symbol for Chango, so he’s using the songs. Which I think is rather sweet of him. 🙂

Then this morning when I woke up again, there was a new song playing…Taylor Swift’s Love Story.

It was most of the lyrics to this song that I was hearing, but especially the parts

Marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone.
I love you, and that’s all I really know.
I talked to your dad-you’ll pick out a white dress
It’s a love story, baby just say…Yes.

and especially the “it’s a love story baby just say…yes”.

Well now, this is a totally different energy than the hip hop songs that Chango seems to favor. And the energy surrounding me felt different too…this wasn’t coming from Chango I realized. Suddenly I realized it was my twin flame Adam! Huh. I guess he decided to use the same format as Chango for sending me “messages” and reassurances. Hmmmm…so now I have two men serenading me! LOL