Wow…I just came across this article on that reports that Spain hasn’t had a federal government for the last 9 months. It seems they were having the same problem that the US is having…or about to have I guess.

After two grueling national elections in six months, and with a third vote possible in December, no party has won enough seats or forged the coalition needed to form a government. For the first time in Spain’s four decades as a modern democracy, this country of 47 million people has a caretaker government.”

I can see this US election becoming a draw, and no one winning the election. I am seeing more and more articles about voter rigging and if the populace raises enough of a furor over these kinds of ploys to fix the voting, there may just be stalemates. Could they wind up like the Spanish? And would this be a bad thing?

It seems the Spanish are loving their caretaker government

The beauty of the situation in Spain is that most of the public seems perfectly content to continue on without a national government. “Only 2.3 percent of respondents in a July poll by Spain’s Center for Sociological Investigations considered the lack of government the country’s major problem,” Vox recently reported.

And why would they? After all…

Despite the lack of government at the moment, life goes on without interruption. Welfare recipients in Spain are still receiving their benefits, and basic government employees are still paid. The streets are not littered with trash, and public trains and buses continue to operate.

However, there are some major differences from life with a national government. Spain has been unable to pass national legislation, handle foreign affairs, or fund new government projects. This means no new invasive, authoritarian laws can be passed by corrupt government officials.

Of course, local governments are still capable of creating projects that will benefit their local communities.

It seems it’s working really well for the Spanish, which has global ramifications actually. But it might be what the US needs to do too. Fuck having a president, and a central government. Spain is proving you don’t need this at all!