Well, one of them anyway. And the one that has the most to do with America right now. Just look in his eyes…they are chilling! 😦 I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t human after all to be honest. But Anonymous just put out a damning video calling out George Soros’ many misdeeds over the years, and made it abundantly clear that Trump would be doing his damnedest to thwart everything Soros stands for. And obviously Soros knows this!

InfoWars.com has outlined Soros’ panic in their piece entitled “SOROS: TRUMP IS A “WOULD BE DICTATOR” WHO THREATENS THE NEW WORLD ORDER” and asserts that “Billionaire globalist pens panicked rant”. Yes, it is obvious that Soros’ article in Project Syndicate is indeed a rant showing how very worried he is about Trump becoming President and what it means to him and his NWO agenda. He comes right out and calls it “the New World Order” even! The Cabal are massively worried, and this is more proof that they are losing their grip on global control.

InfoWars starts their video out with showing an interview Soros gave a number of years ago that clearly shows what a psychopathic Nazi collaborator he was (and probably still is), even at the tender age of 13. He tries to make it sound like he was too young and just did what he had to to survive, but that is not the feeling I get from him. No, he clearly comes across as a psychopath in the interview. It’s very chilling to be honest. *shudder* He very obviously does not feel any guilt over ratting out his fellow Jews, ensuring they were captured and killed, and then stealing their possessions. 😦

Anyway…what I want to point out specifically is that he feels Trump is a dictator and that democracy is in trouble:

Soros writes that in voting for Trump, Americans “elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president,” and that his defeat of Hillary Clinton means America will be “unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world”

Oh wow…what a damn hypocrite! The fact that Trump scares him makes me want to gloat, and just increases my confidence in Trump as the next president. I am exceedingly glad that the man realizes that his days are numbered, and that his NWO and his elitist globalist plans will not succeed now. This is great news IMO…and further proof that we are winning the war against the Cabal that have oppressed us for so long!