I have been watching some of these members of Congress and Senators and I am increasingly startled by how old these people are! WTH? When did the government of the US become so filled with really old people? Like the two old bitties in my header…Maxine Waters is 78 and Nancy Pelosi is 76. I got the picture off an article where Maxine was comparing herself to the Millennials…yeah right. LMAO I’ve been listening to these two women a number of times now, and seriously…they sound like they have dementia or something. No seriously…I’m not being nasty and calling them names, but they remind me of the women in the retirement home that I have just recently had to put my parents in. And my parents are the same age as these women!

I know Trump is 70, but he doesn’t seem that old, IMO. He’s still vital and has everything on the ball. But Nancy and Maxine have strange palsies in their voices, and their ramblings are incoherent. I think they have the beginnings (or not so beginning) of Alzheimer’s or dementia or some other age related infirmity of the mind. I just checked, and John McCain (whose campaign manager from his presidential bid just was arrested for pedophilia!!!) is 80 years old! Why are these people still in politics???? Who votes for such old, decrepit people??? Why aren’t they in homes? I don’t think they are any more in their right minds than my parents, but we had to put them in a home because of health issues. But their minds are still good…as good as these government officials. But not good enough that I would want my parents in a government position deciding policy. I don’t think these old geezers should be in government positions either!

I am seriously wondering why there are not age limits on government officials…I think many of these people need to have competency tests to be honest. I dunno…yeah, the wisdom of the elderly is a great thing, but not when their brains are going to mush with advanced years. I think a country should be run by mature people…like in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Not 70s and 80s! I am really amazed that someone has not demanded that Nancy Pelosi, John McCain and Maxine Waters (just for starters) be tested for competency…they are old enough that it should be called into question! These three particularly stick out in my mind as being cranky old bitties, and causing problems that would never come up if someone younger was at the helm! How in the hell did Pelosi get to be head of the minority group? There was no one younger to chair it? Or is she just so easily controlled by the others because she isn’t totally right in the head any longer? I dunno…all three of these people have not struck me as competent enough to hold the positions they do. And as I said…I have become increasingly aware that they are OLD. Too old IMO. They shouldn’t be running the government!

Addendum: Here is just one of the many videos I’ve been seeing of Nancy Pelosi’s mental breakdowns during interviews. I’m sorry, but she’s suffering from dementia or something! She needs to step down!