Although this was from the end of January, he hasn’t been putting out many videos in the last few months because he’s been travelling. This was the first of his “regular” videos he used to do, and I found his idea of “pockets of light” to be appealing:

FIND YOUR POCKETS OF LIGHT – You may be ‘island-hopping’ between pockets of light in the coming years – people, places and moments. The light is there, is stronger than ever in many ways, and we need to invite ourselves into a new paradigm of finding and moving into the light more than ever before. This movement between pockets of light will strengthen you.

Here is the video if you want to watch the whole thing. I love his calm, steady voice…he is very easy to listen to. Actually, listening to his videos are a “pocket of light” for me. 🙂

Addendum: I discovered another "pocket of light" for me...drinking tea out of one of my grandmother's pretty teacups. It always makes me smile...I can feel her essence. I know that she is often with me. 🙂