A while back, I had an interesting meditation with my Dotsero diamond rock that led to a vision about the Yellowstone volcano erupting into a valley of lava (see my post here). Well, I guess that Old Faithful in Yellowstone is starting to spew black smoke. This is not a good sign! 😦 This video discusses it and also discusses that the earthquake that happened yesterday was not reported, as well as other indications that the volcano is becoming active.

I found another video from 2014 that shows the same lack of disclosure was going on.


And here’s a nice fear-mongering documentary put on by MSM, but it does emphasize the fact that the Yellowstone supervolcano is a very dangerous thing. Although I have to disagree with Michio Kaku’s assertion that it won’t be for thousands of years and thus not to worry about. Remember this is one of those old guys who believes in global warming. You’d think if he did, he’d be a lot more worried that we’re going to cause these volcanoes to erupt. Sheesh…they can’t even be consistent!

Yup, this one is some sensational fear-mongering, but it does outline how dangerous this Yellowstone supervolcano is, plus some of the other ones that dot this planet. I did find it fascinating to watch though. LOL

Addendum: I guess they must have decided to pull the video, since it is no longer available. But essentially, it was that Mainstream Scientist Michio Kaku spouting a lot of doomsday information about Yellowstone's Supervolcano.

Yes…we should be worried about what they aren’t telling us about this supervolcano. Granted, there is nothing we can do about it, but I personally would like a warning. Thank God I’m nowhere near it, but it could change our world! My vision has made me very interested in this matter, and I have such a bad feeling that I feel I need to speak about it. Please God…protect us all!