During one of my psychic development classes back in the late 1980s, led by this wonderful psychic I knew, we were doing an exercise where we touched energy with one another. Half the class sat on one side of the room, and the other half would get up and go over to the seated half and ask to “touch” with them, to gain psychic info. Partway through the exercise, Nancy, the psychic leader, starts to laugh and says she can see all our totem animals walking across the room behind us. So…she told each of us what spirit animal we had with us that day.

She told me mine was a yellow canary, which didn’t resonate with me, as I was more drawn to rabbits at that time. I had a beautiful large bunny named Cinnamon at the time, and she not only was a Scorpio like me, but she was also my best friend. Her death left a huge hole in my heart. I was certain that bunnies were a spirit animal for me. But because I knew and respected this woman, and knew she was very accurate in her readings, I went home that night and decided to investigate on my own.

These psychic development classes were at 9 pm every Thursday night, and usually lasted an hour or so, so usually by the time I got home it was bedtime. I meditated on the yellow canary to see if I could contact it, and had a vision of it walking with my Joy Child. To be honest, I was surprised it actually existed! LOL So I asked it what it’s name was, and it told me Jaune Juan…a play on the phrase Don Juan. Jaune means yellow in French, and I am half French. Cute eh? LOL

Jaune Juan shows up chirping every so often to remind me to find joy in the situation. He also helped me with paying proper attention when I was learning how to drive. But the walking with my Joy Child has always made me wonder.

Many years go, in my early to mid twenties, I did a little color experiment from a kit from the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment – the Edgar Cayce Foundation), and discovered that the color I hated most – orange – was actually the color of joy! In the meditation that accompanied the kit, we had to explore a single color each day. I was dreading the orange day…in the tape, we entered a room all in shades of that color. I was most pleasantly surprised that it was a most invigorating and joyous space! Here I’ve been hating the color of joy! SMH I discovered that although yellow is the color of happiness, orange is the color of joy. Happiness is an internal state…orange is expansive! It says “I love the world!” This started my quest for bringing more joy into my life, and I know that Jaune Juan is helping me with this. Despite his being yellow. Which says that happiness and joy are related, and I know although his chirping is telling me to find the joy in a situation, I also know that if I can’t do that, then I need to find the happiness in it. This is why he walks with my Joy Child.

And he has recently decided to join forces with Chango! LOL See my post here.