I have started to watch and read some stuff on Corey Goode, and I feel like it’s time to take a closer look at him and his message. I still have problems with him…I dunno, I don’t like his looks. LOL There’s something off about his presence, and I can’t explain why I feel like he’s not totally truthful. I don’t know if he’s lying per se, but there’s something else going on there with him. He comes across as a flat affect, which is very telling if you’re an empath. Even more than seeing a person, we “feel” them, and he doesn’t “feel” right. And I have a problem with the Golden Triangle Headed beings and the Blue Sphere beings for some reason, which I’ve discussed before. I’m iffy on the Blue Avians and the Inner Earth beings too, since Corey seems to be the only one who’s in contact with these beings.

Anyway…I was watching a video with Corey, and I decided to go to the written blog post instead of watching him on the video. Maybe he would come across as more…human? truthful? real? I dunno, but I thought I’d check out his words instead. So I read this post on Ancient Earth Break-away Civilization: Subterranean Council Meeting-SSP Alliance Debrief-Part 1. It was fascinating to be honest. Very long, but actually easy to read. He comes across as a lot more personable in his writing.

Now this post was about the Inner Earth peoples, and his first contact with them through the Secret Space Program Alliance. All very secretive stuff, so there’s really no way to verify what he says. Except David Wilcock respects him, and believes in him, and since I admire and respect David, it makes me want to see what he sees in this guy. If David believes him, and I am assuming that David has his secret informers verifying the things that Corey is saying, then I am more inclined to believe Corey too.

For me, this is a paradigm shift, especially reading my earlier post where I ranted about him. I do believe that all these energy waves hitting are causing all sorts of changes, including paradigm shifts like this. Maybe I am now ready to hear Corey’s message. I do find I am interested enough to be looking at more of his posts, and am considering getting the Cosmic Disclosure series. It’s actually not that expensive…$7.99/mo for the yearly package.