I guess it’s time to research Kuthumi more, especially after my last post, and the nudge I got this morning during my 3 am meditation to look up the significance of the numbers of my new place. The picture in my header is the Kuthumi that I remember from my initial encounter with him during a spiritual exercise over 25 years ago, which I discuss in this post here.

I guess it seems weird that I am only now looking into and acknowledging the idea that Kuthumi may be looking out for me, acting as a spirit guide even. I no longer have an issue with feeling “good enough” to have ascended masters and gods/goddesses as spirit guides. Understanding the multidimensionality of our souls, I see no reason why they can’t help out more than one of us at a time. And I know there are reasons which I may not know or understand that explain why they are appearing to me as helpmeets. Hey…I need all the help I  can get! LOL And I do wish to thank each and every one of them for their assistance…it is greatly appreciated! I am humbled and awed that they are willing to help me.

Now this site focuses on his past incarnations, which does tell you something of who is/was as a human. As an ascended being, he is something more though. That being said, I was fascinated to discover some of these other aspects of his soul.

I have already mentioned that he was one of the Wise Men who visited Jesus at his birth. Specifically, he was Balthazar, the king from Ethiopia, and his gift was frankincense. Okay…this blew me away, because a number of years ago I discovered that not only is frankincense an effective pain reliever, but it also alleviates depression and helps disperse negativity. I have been using it as both incense and as an essential oil for quite awhile now. It is my guess that Kuthumi was the one who whispered that knowledge in my ear. I was also told something many years ago by a psychic…that I had a spirit guide who was middle eastern, almost a Jesus-like character. I never explored that idea like some of the other spirit guides I was told about by this psychic, but I am convinced now that she was speaking about Kuthumi.

I have already noted in my previous post alluded to above that Kuthumi was Pythagoras; hence, the nudge to look up the significance of my new apartment’s physical location at 33 Pearl St. Pythagoras was the lifetime where he founded the Great White Brotherhood:

His “city of the elect” was a mystery school of the Great White Brotherhood where carefully selected men and women pursued a philosophy based upon the mathematical expression of universal law, illustrated in music and in the rhythm and harmony of a highly disciplined way of life.

Actually, that Great White Brotherhood is among his many titles:

According to Theosophy, Kuthumi is considered to be one of the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy called the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom which oversees the development of the human race on this planet to higher levels of consciousness. In the Ascended Master Teachings, Kuthumi is one of the Ascended Masters who collectively make up the Great White Brotherhood. Kuthumi is also known as a Mahatma and is regarded as the Master of the Second Ray.

I mention this because it turns out that his fellow ascended master Sanat Kumara is also a member of the Great White Brotherhood, and I recently discovered that Sanat was the same soul as Obatala, an African orisha. Hey…I see the connection. LOL

Another lifetime of Kuthumi was as Saint Francis of Assisi, who founded the Franciscan Order of Brothers of the Catholic Church. This is good to know because I’ve been wondering who to pray to for help with my poor kitty Nefari. He has these terrible sores all over, which I think are a flea allergy. I can’t afford to take him to the vet’s, and I’m not convinced that’s the best route anyway. So many of those flea meds are toxic…I don’t want to give them to my babies. So I’ve been looking up natural remedies, but I’ve been wondering about who to pray to for help. I did consider St. Francis, since he is the patron saint of animals, but now I feel like I have an “in” via Kuthumi. Crazy, I know. LOL Makes sense to me though. 🙂 It’s also interesting that he founded the Franciscan Order…I had a past life as a Franciscan monk. Coincidence????

Another lifetime that is attributed to Kuthumi is that of Emperor Shah Jahan, the man who built the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife and twin flame. Interestingly,

his reign was distinguished by the architectural splendor of the Taj Mahal and the Pearl Mosque at Âgra, and the construction of Delhi, which he made his capital.

Ah…the Pearl Mosque…my previous post was all about the relevance of my new apartment’s address at 33 Pearl St, and how pearl is also the title of my Vedic sign (I am a Chitra, the Pearl). Wow…can we say synchronicity???

The lifetime as Kuthumi is unclear to me, as the story is very convoluted, as told in this article. But I’m not going to go into the Theosophical Society at this point, so I kinda don’t care. I don’t think that aspect of him is significant to me right now anyway.

But yeah, I am now convinced that he is one of my spirit guides, and I will have to start doing more work with him. It’s very fascinating to me how I am suddenly coming into a bunch of new guides…the orishas Chango and Oya, and to a lesser extent Oshun, my new animal spirits the Macaw and the Dragonfly, and a new understanding of another guide who I’ve been aware of since my early twenties. And a new awareness of Kuthumi as my guide, who’s probably been my guide since I first encountered him in my twenties too. I am very grateful for all the support, because my 3D outer life is very bereft of support. I am a word in a foreign language here. sigh