It’s been a weird couple of days…strange things seem to be happening. Is it the solar flares, the full moon last week, the eclipse energies still…I dunno, but wow, I feel blindsided and tired.

A couple of nights ago I had another psychic attack…I don’t know what else to call it. Something jumped on my back and tried to “ride” me I guess you could say, while I was trying to go to sleep. I could feel it pressed to my back, and I threw white light at it and told it to go away and leave me alone. But it didn’t cooperate, and I had to force myself awake to make the sensations stop. Yeah, it could be muscle tension I’m misinterpreting (I’ve been doing a lot of reading sitting up in bed), but I dunno…it was an astral experience more than a dream. It “felt” like something was attaching itself to my back. I’ve mentioned these kind of attacks before (see here and here and here), and I’d really like to know what this latching onto my back is about! bleah But I awaken from the astral experience still feeling like there is something on my back. It’s a very icky feeling! My fan has also been making weird noises…I sleep with a fan on me since I get hot at night. Strangely, I say the Lord’s Prayer (which I have heard is a very powerful prayer of protection) and the noise stops. Freaky. Is it related? I dunno…I hope I’m not drawing this shit to me because of my “issues”. Sometimes I wonder if doing Shadow Work is really a good thing.

Then I had some sad news the last 2 days…I learned yesterday that a good friend from someplace I used to work died yesterday morning. I didn’t even know he was sick! I am very saddened by his passing. Then this morning I went to visit my sister at work to find a note on the door saying they were closed because of a family emergency. Well, I hightailed it to the home where my parents are, but they were fine. While I was there, my youngest sister called to say her ex-husband was found dead in his apartment this morning. Her and the kids are very upset, and my sister here is married to his brother, and the brother is really broken up too, that’s why she left work. This is a major shocker to be sure! He was younger than me! đŸ˜¦

And, the other morning, I had a dragon in my living room. Just a little one, like the size of a Labrador Retriever or something. My cat was “talking” to something in the living room while I was still trying to sleep early that morning, and when I tuned in, it was a dragon.  Startled me to be sure! Yeah, weird shit is going on. Maybe it’s just me??? I had some bad headaches last week…can we say brain tumors? LOL I guess the dragons want me to know they do exist. On some astral level or something. This was a brown and green dragon though…not the white iridescent one or the amethyst one I’ve encountered in dreams before. They’ve all been small ones though…I suspect they’re trying not to scare me. Yeah, my knee-jerk response is fear, but I’m trying to overcome that. I want to know the truth. And Cobra is assuring us that Yaldaboath is almost gone, the Black Stone has been removed, and we should start to see some really positive effects of the removal of this negativity by the Equinox. I think Irma being downgraded to a tropical storm is a very positive effect! I know it still hit hard, but it would have been much worse as a Category 5 hurricane!!! Our meditations did help, as this site mentions. đŸ™‚

Oh, and I just upgraded my computer to Windows 7, and everything looks weird. Why do all my apps look different in 7???? Why does the internet look different??? I’m not sure I like Windows 7, but I’m sick of fighting the problems with XP. sigh. Yup, strange stuff going on in my life right now. And there’s a new CME (coronal mass ejection ie solar flare) poised to hit us in the next 48 hours…yippee!!! Not. Let’s get the Solar Flash over with already. I think that’s what the deaths are about to be honest. They’ve left before it hits.

I’m just rambling and ranting here…sigh But I haven’t posted in a few days, and figured I’d blog about the weirdness going on in my life…this is my personal esoteric blog after all! LOL