According to the article by Aletheia Luna of Loner Wolf, there are 7 types of Spirit Guides…

  1. half man/half beast,
  2. animals,
  3. light beings,
  4. ancestors,
  5. plants,
  6. gods/goddesses
  7. ascended masters.

I think I would add an eighth one though…rocks. Why? Because they have spoken to me before…see my Dotsero Diamond posts here and here. This stone even seemed to have effected a healing for me…see the post here.

I wanted to argue about the plant one, but I don’t know if I can, what with the experiences I’ve had with the stones. I guess I just have never tried communicating with a plant before, although I have communicated with the attendant guardian spirit. I don’t agree with the author’s comment for including plants on her list though:

…it is common for all those taking it to feel guided by the plant into the realms of inner and outer existence. The same can be said for many other psychoactive (and non-psychoactive plants). Plants can either be symbolic, like in pagan traditions that associates certain qualities with certain plants, or experiential, where ingesting the plant stimulates mental, physical and emotional expansion.

Well, not that I don’t agree with the statements themselves, only that they indicate that plants are guides for those reasons. Although that would depend on the definition of Spirit Guide. Hers is as follows:

Spirit guides are often thought as spirits that guide us, but in my interpretation and experience with them, they are entities that guide our spirits to greater clarity, freedom, joy and peace.

Using a psychoactive plant to lead you to “greater clarity, freedom, joy and peace” isn’t necessarily a function of the plant’s consciousness though. Is it? Yes, the plant can help you, but it doesn’t “speak” to you through that chemical interaction. I think most people would say that the ingesting of psychoactive plants helps them attain an altered state of consciousness that then leads to inner awareness. The plant is only the medium to assist the altered state, just as music or visual stimuli can do. So her reasoning why plants are spirit guides is faulty, in my opinion.

However, I do think plants can talk to us, although I will have to do some personal research into this, since I have never tried. I haven’t had house plants in a long time, what with having bunnies and cats for the last 20+ yrs. But then I think of trees, and they do have “old souls”; to me, they feel like whales. I know that sounds weird, and although I have never actually met a whale, I have had a couple of dreams about them…weird ones that are what I term “astral experiences”. And I have encountered big old trees who feel like the whales I’ve encountered in my dreams.

Then I think on the guardian spirits who protect and help plants…I call them elementals. Perhaps the messages that a plant gives is actually from the elemental spirit that guards it? That might hold true for rocks as well though. I have encountered elemental spirit guides before…I have known all my pets’ “guardian angels”. They are small beings of light, and take care of plants and animals. I dunno about rocks though, if they have guardian spirits or not. But there are also something called devas, which seems to be the actual nature spirit of a  place or thing. I will discuss these things in another post.

In any case…I had already come to the conclusion that the reason I could have a dragonfly as a spirit guide was because it was a part of Gaia’s consciousness (bugs have group consciousness, not a separate consciousness like animals and people). Perhaps it is really a deva that is being represented by the dragonfly though…hmmmm…something to think on.

It all makes me question whether plants and insects and rocks can really be spirit guides though. Perhaps it’s some higher consciousness of Gaia (elementals and devas) that we are interacting with instead, and the insect, rock, plant is merely a symbol for the type of energetic being? Okay…I’m rambling. LOL I will have to meditate on this now!